Eating Freely, Arizona Edition

When on vacation I like to eat all I can for the local flavors. Or maybe I really just like to try new things whenever possible.

I definitely did my fair share of eating when I was in Arizona. I tried anything and everything I could that sounded different and delicious. Here are some of my favorite eats while away from home.

Sedona Olive Oil Company. One word: DELICIOUS.

I purchased two basalmic vinegars after tasting a wide variety of oils and vinegars, all aged to perfection. There were SO many basalmic vinegar options to chose from: Espresso (Mmmmm!), Green Apple, Cucumber Melon, Strawberry, Red Raspberry, etc. There were mostly sweeter flavors to try but I went with two bottles of the BEST one they offer, Garlic Cilantro Basalmic Vinegar. I could drink this one straight from the bottle. Pricy but well worth the 18 years aged liquid gold.

There were notable olive oils but none that compaired to the vinegars. 😉

Appetizers are welcomed…

Chili-seasoned Cactus Fries with Spicy Prickly Pear Dipping Sauce. Wow.

I can’t remember where these were from but they were amazing. Trust me.

A mentionable dinner included a burger.

This is no ordinary burger. It may look mild-mannered but I can assure you, it’s nothing even close to plain.

From Cuvee 928 Wine Bar & Cafe in Flagstaff, the Cuvee Burger: Lamb and beef-made, with Cuvee cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion, Secret Sauce. Served with mashed potatoes with a side of butternut squash dressing. I may have to say it’s one of the most amazing tasting burger I’ve ever had.

And what trip is ever complete without dessert?

Lots of desserts.

We have here the Healing Bar and chocolate maca truffle from Chocolatree in Sedona.

And double chocolate ganache cake studded with raw cacao nibs. Mmmmm…

Have I ever mentioned I love raw, vegan, organic foods?

Well, I do.

I also love new grocery store finds, while on vacation, of course.

Dark Cacao L.O.V.E. Cup. The DARKEST chocolate you can get. Raw cacao, agave, and love.

Where there’s chocolate, there’s coffee.

Slow service but great coffee.


And that concludes Eating Freely, Arizona edition.

What have you been eating freely lately?

When on vacation do you eat a little more relaxed to taste the local flavors?

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