Fitness & Health Bloggers Conference Day 1

Yesterday was the first day of the Fitness & Health Bloggers Conference and it was incredible. If you remember a while ago I won a free entry into the conference via Alisa’s blog, Alisa Cooks. I’m rooming with her at the conference and she’s honestly become the most influential person in my life right now… not to mention, she’s a kick ass person.

About the trip so far: First off, Boulder, Colorado is amazing. It’s the most active and healthiest state in the US. Second, it’s a beautiful area filled with friendly, wonderful people.

The conference started off with an early morning, optional hike. Of course I had to take advantage of this. I mean, they offered breakfast, my own water bottle, and a pedometer. And can I just say, I walked over 19,000 steps yesterday. Awesome.

Then we ate. And ate. And ate.

After a full day of talks put on by different companies and bloggers, including Alisa,we all headed to Whole Foods for a sponsored dinner.


Not only did Whole Foods cater the entire menu/meal/dining experience, but they provided us with a Whole Foods made meal that was from their Healthy Eating recipes. All of the food was made without dairy, without oil, without meat, and low sodium.

Strawberry Gazpacho. DELICIOUS.
Tempeh and Thai Spring Rolls
Cucumber Veggie Rolls
Sweet Potatoes with Lemon + Herbs
Curried Tempeh on Polenta
My plate
Raw Lemon Tarts. OOOOH MY.

After a wonderful dinner, Thank you Whole Foods!, we attended an after-party sponsored by Degree for Women. Fortunately, this is the only deodorant I use, so naturally, I took 3 sticks for free. I’m happy.

Alisa and I repping Degree

I didn’t actually take too many pictures for the first day, but I can just let you know that I’ve had a great time so far. I’ve loved meeting new people and everyone has been SO nice. It’s a smaller conference, which is great, very intimate. I’m learning so much about blogging and even learned how to Tweet. Yes, I’m still learning.

Are you Tweeting?

Have you been to a blogger conference?