Friday, Friday, Friday

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Friday, Friday, Friday.

Yes, it’s Friday. This week has actually been a pretty good week. Right now I’m home with my family and I’m so grateful that I can be with them.

Last night my sister and I giggled and laughed at (a new “celebrity” to us) Rebecca Black on YouTube. Her video, Friday. I’m not posting a link to it simply because… I’m just not. You can go look at it as you wish. It’s pretty funny, though. But what’s even better are the spoofs and parodies that other people have made on YouTube. Anyway, it’s Friday.

Earlier this week, the boyfriend and I went to a local baseball game. I haven’t been to something like this in a while and it was fun to relax and eat and of course, sip on some truly overpriced cheap beer.

Please, don’t ask what I’m doing. I have no idea.

Mmm, Mmm Chili Dog. There is no way I took part in that. To me, that’s just kinda gross. lol

Later on this week I baked, which I posted the fluffy cookie recipe for yesterday. And I also ate lots of food…

Creamy Fennel Raisin Salad

Lemon Raisin Scones

Apricot Protein Bites

No recipe today, as more are in the works, and some of these are being updated to perfection. I do, however, have a great workout to post. I had one of my clients do this one yesterday. I’m planning on doing it today. Ah, what would we do without exercise? I know I love it and it keeps me sane.

3X3 Workout

  • Back extensions (on stability ball) or cobra pose: 15
  • Step ups (with heavy dumbbells in each hand): 12 each leg
  • Dumbbell row: 12-15 each arm
  • Reverse lunges: 12 each leg
  • Stability ball chest press: 12
  • Bent over reverse fly (with or without db weight): 12
  • Single leg deadlift: 12 each leg
  • Split stance cable row: 12 each arm
  • Chin-up holds (slowly release from starting chin-up position): as many as possible
  • Russian twist on stability ball: 20 each side
  • Hanging leg raise: 15
  • Side plank lifts: 15 each side

This takes almost exactly 60 minutes.

If I don’t do this workout, I’m probably going to be hitting up Kelly‘s. Her and her husband really know their exercise stuffs.

Happy Friday!

What was the highlight of your week?

Have you seen anything good on YouTube lately? Aparently I’m not cool enough to keep up with it. 😉 (not sure I really want to be though…)

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  1. lovely blog you have! search “baby monkey riding on a pig” on youtube. my husband finds cute/funny videos to share w/ me on bad days:) he’s a sweetheart like that!

  2. old school youtube but the HoneyBadger video is hilarious! It never gets old to me….I love summer baseball games! I just like sitting outside with friends…aahh good times..

  3. Ah Lori you just totally saved me! I am sitting here trying to think of a workout to do and ta-da here is it! SCORE! I am definitely going to do this one today!

    The baseball game looks fun although I do agree that a chili dog is kinda gross! hehe!

  4. I guess my highlight of the week was getting a new job and being laid off from another (totally ironic, it happened within a day of each other). Needless to say I’m ready for my 3 day weekend!

    Gotta love overpriced beer:)

  5. heab posted a video of a dude singing about the whole foods parking lot and it was freaking hilarious!
    i need to get on those apricot protein balls!

  6. Is that the SJ Giants?!?! I’ve broadcasted baseball games from that park!

    And I’m sorry you just discovered Rebecca Black… my life has been a little more annoying ever since that haha. Did you hear she’s in the new Katy Perry music video (TGIF)? I love KP, but lost a little bit of respect over that one.

  7. I am so not hip or cool or anything. You already knew that I am sure.

    I LOVE going to baseball games!!! There is just something all American about it that I love. I’m going to a game at the end of July and already looking forward to it.

  8. Ugh that song is so dumb. I can’t believe its actually a song. I hate people that get famous AND money off their NON ability to sing

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