HUGE Thank You

My Thoughts post was written and posted a little premature. I was sad and just wanted to relieve some of the sadness. Writing helps. I’m not sure I should have posted what I did, but to be honest, I’m glad I did it.

I have never felt more love from a community, like the blog world. People who barely know me and my family are sending wishes and prayers and positive thoughts. My family and I are so grateful for all of your support and all of the people in our immediate lives that are here for us.

My dad is out of the hospital, by miracle.

His heart attack damaged his heart to the point the doctors could not do anything to help. One doctor asked if he could try an experimental procedure and was able to put a stint into one of the clogged veins. It took and he was able to come home. They couldn’t fix his heart or the situation but they could prolong his life. We aren’t sure for how long but I do know that we’ve been blessed.

I’m now officially dedicating my days home with my family to feeding them properly. 😉 He’s on a rigid diet of NO salt so I’m trying to help create meals for us all to enjoy and for him to actually eat. He’s a salt lover… doesn’t quite help the no-salt meal ideas.

I’m also putting together a medication schedule. It’s a pharmacy here in our house.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank all of you, from the bottom of my heart. My family says thank you, as well. You’ve all touched us.