Project Get Starbucks Almond Milked

Help me Get Starbucks Almond Milked.

I will confess, I like Starbucks. I also confess that I’m sitting in Starbucks writing this post.

Not only for their sheer presence on every street corner, Starbucks is awesome because of their strong, tasty coffee and unwavering brand consistency. Most of the time I enter a Starbucks, I’m greeted with a smile from one of their friendly employees, and the service is prompt.

Even the Starbucks mission statement hits home: to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.

But what if that one person, with that one cup, and that one neighbor can’t drink any options Starbucks is offering?

Obviously there is a slight lack in the options of health alternatives.

Milk Alternatives

I’m a dairy-free gal. I’m also not a huge fan of soy milk. What’s left? Well, if you’re an exclusive Starbucks drinker, not much.


So, what if you are lactose intolerant or have a milk allergy? What if your body just doesn’t agree with soy? We’re all so lucky to have so many options besides the two, dairy milk and soy. But if a store just doesn’t offer the other choices, you’re probably not going to give them your business.

Starbucks would be wise to start opening their doors a little further, enhancing their menu just a bit. And I’d wager a bet that they’ll bring in more than enough revenue to make up the “costly” new additions.


I propose that Starbucks launches their support and use of more options: Almond milk, rice milk, and maybe even coconut milk. But any one of these would be wonderful.


Come on, Starbucks, let’s get you some new customers!

*ahem* If you’re bored, you can Twitter the s*%# out of them… just saying…


Oh, and don’t forget your fitnudge of the day.

Anyone have a comment on Starbucks? Milk Alternatives? Which is your favorite place of coffee? Which is your favorite alternative?

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