What I Love About Me

This is not a typical post, or even a typical topic. I’ve been doing a lot of work on ME lately, self-help work. I wanted to share some things about what I love about myself. I assure you, I am not self absorbed at all.

Most people, women in general, have so many negative thoughts, words, and self-talk about themselves. We are constantly putting down how we look, what we should have done differently, what we didn’t do right, how we could be better. The list never ends.

I’m more guilty of these things than I would like to think. And right now I’m changing all of that.

Sister and I on a hike (she's hiding behind me)


Over the past few weeks I’ve been really searching for my own voice, my own self-reliance and security. I’ve happily found a lot of it. I’ve been building up my self-esteem and my own self-worth. I’m, at least at the moment, at a place where I truly love who I am. Yes, there are good days, not so good days, and more wonderful days, but overall, I’m proud of myself and all that I can do and have accomplished.

There’s not enough self-love in the world and there certainly isn’t enough of us praising ourselves without feeling weird about it. It’s not typically the norm to say such positive things about you. So I say, screw the norm.

What I love about me:

  • I’m incredibly driven.
    • I make things happen. If I want to run a marathon, well then I run that damn marathon. I love having a project to work towards and that keeps me motivated. I love the feel of accomplishing things, which again, keeps me driven towards a “reward”. I wanted to be a personal trainer, now am I one. I have more confidence with each new step I take. ๐Ÿ™‚
  • I’m beautiful
    • I am. I know I’m pretty on the inside and the outside. I’m caring. I love helping others. That makes me beautiful no matter what my outside appearance is.
  • I’m blessed
    • I have a wonderful, loving, caring, encouraging family. I know I am lucky to have them in my life and that they love me no matter what.
  • I’m strong
    • Physically and mentally. This is my favorite thing(s) about myself. I lift weights and feel incredibly powerful when I do. I can take criticism, more than ever now. I believe in myself and that takes strength.

Strong. My CrossFit days ๐Ÿ˜‰

There will always be those bad hair days with days I feel like crap. Days I don’t/won’t want to get out of my pajamas or talk to anyone or do anything. There will always be another rainy day somewhere. Through all of that, there will always be a ray of sun shining down, waiting to be basked in. And I’ll find that ray.

There. That’s what I love about me.

I’m the only me there is and I’m happy about that.


What do YOU love about YOU?

What is your motto for living life? How do you follow this motto?

How can you nurture yourself today?

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