A Full-Body Workout

Here’s a workout I’m loving, my clients are loving, and you’re going to love. I promise. Just as soon as you’re done cursing my name you’ll love this workout. It should take about 45 minutes to complete and you will need some gym equipment for this one. Each exercise should be done with either your body weight or an added weight that makes you work for the last few reps. Don’t sell yourself short with a workout, always push beyond your comfort level. Make it count!


After a hard workout I always refuel my muscles, mind, and body with protein and carbs. My favorite recovery dish is a green smoothie. Thick, lucious, green, and topped with Love Grown Foods Granola.

I know you’re just dying to get this workout in so I’ll sum up this post with a good luck, have fun, and recovery recipe tomorrow!

What are your 3 favorite workout moves?
What is your favorite recovery meal/food?
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