Chocolate Coffee Paleo Pancakes (don’t worry, they’re grain-free!)

Have I ever mentioned I have a sweet tooth? Just a tiny one. One that sometimes consumes my every waking thought. Is that normal?

I’ve noticed that when I eat a predominately Paleo diet I don’t crave quite as many sweets and sugars. Probably because I’m actually filling my body with fats and proteins, and staying away from the starchier carbohydrates. I’m more satisfied. For me, it works.

Even though I’m not craving as many sweets as often, I’m still a victim of good, clean dessert-y meals. Like breakfast. Paleo breakfast. Pancake breakfasts!

I think you should add a little Chocolate Coffee Paleo Pancake to your life, too.

Adapted from a truly Health-Bent Paleo Pancake recipe.


Happy Friday!

Anything exciting planned for this weekend?

Chocolate? Coffee? Pancakes?

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