Raw Paleo Pad Thai (sauce, “pasta”, and hummus)

I’ve been going easy on the grains lately. Mostly because I’m trying to follow the Body By Design program (which I’ll talk about tomorrow), but also because I’ve been putting on just a wee bit of weight. Not that I care what I weigh, really. I don’t. In fact, I honestly have no idea how much I weigh. I do, however, care how my clothes fit and recently they’re just a little too snug for comfort.

Back to the lower grain intake… I’m keeping an eye on how many carbs I consume, and cookies I eat, healthy or not, all those bites of cookies do add up. For the most part, I eat pretty much a Paleo-based dietconsuming LOW grains and legumes, low starchy vegetables, lots of fresh vegetables, and good sources of protein.

Lately, I’ve been making meals light, veggie-filled, and lower in carbohydrates. When taking away carbs, I add in higher amounts of protein, fat, and of course, flavor. Mind you, protein, fat, and carbohydrates are NOT the enemy. You need all of them to live and thrive.

Besides being a fan of Paleo, I love the raw/vegan lifestyle. Especially during the summer when garden foods are readily abundant. So many wonderful vegetables and fruits at my disposal. And so many wonderful recipes that are just screaming to be made!

Take my meal last night. Rich, creamy, loaded with protein, healthy fats, and bursting with flavor, flavor, flavor. Not to mention, it’s pasta without the carbs. Colorful, too!



Wait, wait! That’s not all!

Did I mention I doubled the sauce recipe?

Oh yes. I did. And who would have though turning it into a hummus was a brilliant idea? Yeah… I did that too.



So, had enough Thai yet? Nooooo…. just try it, you’ll never forget the flavors of this sauce (or hummus)! I promise.

Any Thai foods you like? Any you’d like to see made healthy? Pass them along!


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