Attune & LOVE Grown Foods Yogurt Bowl. I just won’t choose!

My favorite, favorite, snack, breakfast, and dessert of all time is Greek yogurt. I just cannot get enough. I try really hard not to eat much dairy but that Greek yogurt is my weakness.

And I’m just sooooooo weak for it.

And when I add some of my favorite, favorite, toppings, Heaven is brought down to What Runs Lori’s Earth to make her the happiest gal around.

Sadly, that’s all it takes to make me happy. Good food with great brands.

Erewhon Gluten-Free Cocoa Crispy Brown Rice Cereal. Branded by Attune Foods, I was sent some to try. Delighted was I!

Attune Foods is an incredible brand. They host high quality, healthy foods such as amazing probiotic chocolates (omg SO good), cereals, and fun, knowlegable Ambassadors. I personally know most of the ambassadors and they are all truly wonderful people. Attune Foods knows what they are doing… and it’s good things.

Cocoa Crispy Brown Rice Cereal is good. Fun, much more healthy than other cereals, and snap, crackle, and pop in almond milk!


Along with some puffed brown rice, granola made with LOVE is much needed.

Greek yogurt, a little dash of Stevia and cinnamon, topped with LOVE Grown Foods Granola and Attune Foods Brown Rice Cereal. Now that is a bowl. Quite a bowl.

And I don’t usually stop there. Why not throw on some frozen berries. I’m just crazy like that!

Thank you SO MUCH to Attune Foods and Love Grown Foods for sending me products for review. Icannot tell you enough how delicious (and addicting!) both brands’ products are. They’re almost too good…

Attune Foods? Have you tried any?

I know you’ve tried Love Grown Foods. Which are your favorites?

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