Even Brunettes Can Enjoy Life Blondies

I enjoy the Paleo way of eating, although I’m not sure I could ever entirely give up grains completely. Nor do I think I want to. I don’t like the thought of taking away a certain food group completely. With that way of thinking comes way to much emphasis on not doing something, which in turns, makes me want that “forbidden fruit” that much more.

No, no. Placing that emphasis just makes me think about what I can’t have or shouldn’t have. But if I take away the forbiddenness and add an “instead of” in front of the said item, well then, that just makes it a truly wonderful (and once in a while) indulgence.

Kinda like these blondies. They may not be Paleo but they are certainly gluten and dairy free. Oh, and they are mighty tasty. Mighty. I say to enjoy life to the fullest, we must enjoy what we do, what we eat, and who we are.

I’m just a brunette in search of finding balance in food and health. And Enjoy(ing) Life Blondies…


Enjoy Life Blondies. It’s like a cookie field of tasty. And Enjoy Life brand makes yummy happen. (This is purely my opinion. I purchased, and continue to purchase, Enjoy Life products on my own. I am not sponsored to write this, but I’ll gladly take some freebie’s! Hint, hint.)

How do you enjoy life?

How are you enjoying your Monday?

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