What Runs Lori’s Adventures in Mexico’s Riviera Maya

Wooh! I made it back from a week in paradise. I’m a whole lot darker, a ton calmer, and ready to never touch alcohol again. At least for a while. And food. No more food.

Kidding! How could I go without food? But I did manage to eat a good amount, drink some festive drinks, and bask in the sun with all of it’s glory. And humidity. I seriously do NOT envy you, Kelly. If Texas is hot and humid like the Cancun area, you’ve got to be sweltering.

Arrival at hotel... only day not living in a bathing suit!


The trip was perfect from start to finish. The weather forecasted rain and thunder storms but we had clear skies and 90 degrees the entire time.

The all-inclusive resort was beyond what we expected in service, quality, cleanliness, everything. It was wonderful. Beautiful.

The staff was great and the vacationers became friends. I miss the sun and the peace of nothing to do, no place to be. For one whole week I did not touch a single computer or phone and being that there we no clocks anywhere, I had no concept of time. It was weird but welcomed.

We attended shows including a mariachi night with mechanical bull riding, a Michael Jackson concert (dude looked EXACTLY like him… it was creepy), and fire dancers. We went to demos for sushi-making, guacamole and pico de gallo, and cucumber margaritas (so, so, SO good).

There was fresh pineapple and papaya, which I made sure to eat daily. And fresh, young coconuts! I was in heaven when I was offered one! The coconuts grew everywhere… I was so tempted to steal a few. 😉

We saw spider monkeys, giant iguanas, geckos. and snorkeling wonders such as sea urchins, a jelly fish, spider starfish, and spider crabs. Why all the spiders? I have no idea..

A staff member made me a grasshopper from a palm leaf!

A hot stone massage was my spa treatment of choice and it could not have been more incredible. Coupled with an hour of hydrotherapy treatments and I was set to relax my cares away.

There were white-sand beaches and Long Island Ice Teas.

There was pool volleyball and beach soccer. Water aerobics was optional but so fun.

Sunscreen became my best friend, along with 2 hour naps in the middle of the day. What? I got up early and it was SO hot. That sun really does drain you.

Each day started with a coffee and Bailey’s Irish Cream. After my workout, of course.

All-in-all, good trip. Fun trip. Wonderful trip. I wanna go back.

I only took 771 pictures, a few fun videos, and gained quite a few memories.

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