Cleansing and Detox Recipes

The cleanse I’m doing involves eating only vegetables and fruits (limited to 3 fruits per day) only for 7 days. As hard as that is to find something to make, I was able to come up with some fat free, cleanse-appropriate dishes that were actually pretty darn tasty. Oddly enough, they were gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and Paleo approved, too. πŸ™‚

One of the cleanse recipes was the one pictured above. Wild Mushroom and Squash Stir Fry hit the spot when I came home from work, after too many hours of not eating, needing food. It was extremely quick to make, beautiful to plate, and delicious with the variety of vegetables and simple seasonings used.



So after eating a few helpings of this dish, I still wanted something else, something dessert-like to quench the lack of sugar I was consuming. (And on a side note, I don’t eat a ton of sugar but I definitely love my dairy-free chocolate chips or my gluten-free, low-sugar baked goods…)


That’s two recipes to get you started or keep you cleansing (or enjoy any day!), whichever category you happen to fall under.

So, this being day 6 of the cleanse, I’ve added some raw plant protein into my morning smoothies (because I’m running around all day and active at work) and a tablespoon of almond butter (um… or two) at night for some fat. Not really approved but I feel way better and have SO MUCH ENERGY. I can’t even tell you how crazy-energized I feel. I hope it lasts…

Not into cleansing or detoxing at all? That’s ok. Go make my Bacon Enhanced Guacamole Enchilada Pizza instead. It’s a must!

Do you have any tips or recipes for cleansing or cleaning your diet?

5 thoughts on “Cleansing and Detox Recipes

  1. i’ve really been playing around with the idea of doing a cleanse (by cleanse i mean, eating super duper clean) because i’ve been having a LOT of digestive issues lately. i probably wouldn’t get too restrictive with cutting out fats because that could be triggering for me but i might cut out the caffeine, artificial sugar, & dairy. i almost don’t want to because i love dairy so much & don’t want to be told i can’t eat it! πŸ™‚

  2. Oooh looks yummy!!

    I have to ask…I seem to get most of my satiety from fats in my diet — is it hard going fat-free?

    1. YES! I eat a lot of healthy fats now and not having them this week has been very hard. I’m craving avocadoes like you wouldn’t believe! It’s weird. And really, my brain needs the fats.

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