Minimus Is The New Balance

The most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned.

The sleek and light design make the shoes virtually weightless and incredibly comfortable.

Balance is better. Stability increased. Easier to wear. Faster to run. Better to own.

I love my New Balance Minimus shoes.

Every day I wear my Minimus to work. Every day I get at least one compliment on how much someone likes my shoes.

The New Balance Minimus is designed for the cross training, weight lifting, avid running, gym goer, or anyone wanting the minimalist shoe and maximum comfort. They are a lightweight, flat soled shoe that has applied the technology of barefoot running without those interesting toe cut-outs (you know the shoes I’m speaking about. I haven’t tried those but the look isn’t really what I’m after).


I loved them the moment I slipped them on. Who wouldn’t love the cute pink trim with silver all over? Guys, they even make them without pink, if you’re wanting a “tougher” look. Ladies, they’ve got more than just pink in store… And CrossFitters, no more need for Converse for lifting then Cross-Trainers for the WOD. No more switching shoes when you have one shoe that’s meant for all.


*Random thought* Hmmmm… I wonder if New Balance has some training clothes that go with my new shoes….


*Thought done*


An added bonus of these shoes (for me) is the flexibility they give me to do any type of workout, whether it be weight training, running, boxing, CrossFit style workouts, or just on my feet all day at work. At the end of the day when my feet could be hurting, they still ready for more.

Like this workout…

30 A Minute Workout

Body weight workout only. Good for breaking in your new shoes.

  • Done each minute on the minute for 30 minutes:
  • 10 squats
  • 10 push-ups
  • 10 full sit-ups
  • *Bonus, every 5 minutes stop and perform 5 burpees then continue on the minute for a new round

Try it and see how you like the workout. It’s a tough one, whether it looks like it or not! This workout will be done today by me… Or… I’ll have my new cadets do this workout. (oooooh, foreshadowing information for tomorrow’s post! Updates on life are coming!)

Would I recommend them?


Do I wear them like they’re going out of style (but they’re not ’cause they’re new!)?

Heck yes!!

New Balance has been my preferred brand of shoe choice for a while but now I’m sold on only New Balance. At least for a while.

Is Minimus your New Balance?

What’s your New Balance in life?

And yes, I have big feet.

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