My 7-Day Cleanse. What’s Yours?

I’m starting a 7-day cleanse, starting last Friday. And I’m feelin’ the cleansing actions hitting my brain right about now because I’m slightly irritable and ready for the cleanse to end.

The health club I’m working at has weight management classes called, Transitions Lifestyle System. It’s a company that is designed to help people learn the proper way to eat, portion size, and really just the truth about food, all while learning to eat low GI. For example, the program classes are in a group setting and run for 12 weeks. Each week is a different topic with incredible information on things like label reading, supplements, making small lifestyle changes, etc. Each program participant has a guide/nutrition book and food journal. Each week, participants watch a short video with TONS of information for the topic of that week’s class then a discussion is started to go over the information. At the beginning of each session, journals are gathered and the past week’s worth of food entries, water intake, and notes are read by the class instructor with little notes being made.

It’s a good system and the program is simple yet incredibly informative. Especially for anyone struggling with losing weight or wanting to know more about nutrition. So why not? I decided to dive into the first week of this new group of “students” and take on just the detox week with them…

And that also means, no weight lifting. Blah. (I miss it! But I’m not about to burn my hard-earned muscle without more food!)

The 7-Day Cleanse: Vegetable and fruits only. Fruits are limited to 3 per day and vegetable are unlimited but no higher starch veggies (think potatoes, yams, corn, etc.). After 3 days a person may add in 3 oz of a lean protein source a day. Sound fun, right? 64 oz of water per day (although, I drink way more), wait 3 hours between meals, NO fat, no sugar, no caffeine, no dairy, no protein. No problem.

I’m hungry.

I’m also sick of vegetable. A statement I never though I would ever EVER write, speak, or even think. But yeah, I’m a little tired of them… at least with no fat. Seasonings are ok but with limited salt and vinegars.

So, I’m on day 6 today with one day left. How am I doing so far?

Super crabby at times, my blood sugar has been dipping like crazy since I can’t eat every 3 hours (and trust me, I get mean when that happens). I’m slightly hungry throughout the day and I miss baking like you wouldn’t believe. BUT, yep, there’s a but, I feel lighter (duh), definitely cleaner, and hydrated.

Lots of Celestial Teas. My favorite! And life savers.

I’ve added a little raw, plant protein in my morning fruit and veggie smoothies since I have an active job (which I was told is ok), so that’s keeping me sane. I’m just really excited for Friday when I can whip up some yummy creations in the kitchen.

Not to say I haven’t made some bomb food items this week (all fat-free!):

Fat-Free Cumin Tomato & Veggie Soup

Tomato, Basil, & Cucumber Salad with Blackberry Vinegar

Squash Stir Fry

Wild Mushroom & Veggie Stir Fry

I’m trying to keep things interesting and eat a variety of vegetables (with recipes coming the next few days). And I must say, I’ve stuck to the cleanse pretty closely, although I will admit, I broke down and a spoonful of almond butter last night. I had to. Seriously. And I think listening to my body and recognizing when I truly needed more, is a good thing. I’ve also been eating more than 3 fruits per day. Oh well.

So, that’s my cleanse. A few years ago I got really into raw and vegan foods and did a 21-day raw food cleanse (which I LOVED). I ended up extending the “cleanse” of raw foods to 3 months and loved the way I felt. My goal is to get back to eating more of a plant based diet because, for me, I know I feel the best and look the best (I love that glow I noticeably got) when I eat mostly plant based. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with mixing things up once in a while. 😉

So, that’s my small cleanse story… what’s yours??

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