Outstanding Vanilla Cupcakes. Fluffy, Sugar-Free, Vegan, and Still Delicious.

Nothing, I mean nothing, says Happy Monday, like a soft, fluffy, vanilla cupcake.

This Monday comes with an extra helping of healthy, soft, fluffy, vanilla cupcakes and the revived site, What Runs Lori.

What do you think? Like the new wardrobe? I went shopping over at Revive My Blog and splurged with some festive new threads for a new chapter in my life.

Anyway, back to the cupcakes. Based on Chef Chloe’s Raspberry Tiramisu Cupcake recipe, I adapted it slightly to give it a Lori feel. I actually made this recipe twice, once with my recipe and the second time with her original… I’m happy to say that I loved my recipe much better (even though her’s still rocks). I just like my creations, I guess.

Although I may have to stick with her frosting because mine was… different.

So soft and fluffy, the cupcake literally dissolves in your mouth. Such a rich and fulfilling flavor and texture, you’ll grab one after another just to satisfy your taste bud’s demands (or was that just me?). It’s an absolutely delicious recipe and I will be using this one again. I see cinnamon-hinted vanilla cupcakes with cinnamon frosting in my cupcake future.

They’re good. The proof is in the cupcake wrapper graveyard.

And since today is all about having a Happy Day, I’d like to encourage you to comment with what would make you happy to see more of on What Runs Lori. After all, my blog is your blog and you being here makes me happy.

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