Banana Bread Beer Cupcakes with Banana Bread Beer Glaze

Upon doing some grocery shopping at the local organic store, New Earth, I stopped at the beer and wine section. I wasn’t going to buy anything, I swear I was just looking, when Robyn, the store’s expert beer buyer came over to me and we started chatting. She told me about this new beer the store just got in and how I had to try it. A little skeptical, I decided to find out what a Banana Bread Beer would taste like.

Well, let me tell you, it tastes like little mini liquid banana bread pieces are floating through your mouth in a quenching excursion to reach your tummy. (Clever little imagery, no?)

The beer turned out to be surprisingly pleasantly and I found myself thinking how great it would be in a cupcake form…

Turns out, words just cannot express how incredible these cupcakes actually are.

But words can express how tasty this beer is.

Well’s Banana Bread Beer is a light wheat beer with hints of fresh banana, with a delightful aftertaste of banana bread! So, so, so good. With a slightly expensive price tag of $8.99 for a 4-pack, this beer is worth every penny. Not too sweet like some flavored beers, and with just the right amount of bitterness.

It’s even great tasting in cupcake form.

After one two of the beers, I knew I had to turn this into some sort of baked good. And since I’m on a full-blown cupcake/muffin-making binge, these cupcakes had to be beer-altered.

These cupcakes are made with gluten free flours, are vegan, rich and moist, light and fluffy, and low in sugar- all sans the alcohol. You could leave out the beer but then you’d leave out half the fun.




Don’t worry all you Paleoites out there, a Paleo version is on it’s way!

You be the judge. Make these little gems of culinary crafting cupcakes and tell me what you think!

I found them totally delightful and definitely beer infused. But to each their own, what crazy items do you like in your cupcakes?

What’s the best beer you’ve ever tasted?

18 thoughts on “Banana Bread Beer Cupcakes with Banana Bread Beer Glaze

    1. You should. I know you girls could make some killer beer breads or cupcakes. And there are some pretty tasty gluten free beers out there now.

  1. Yay–I can comment again! Last post, it said I had to log in…

    This sounds fascinating… I’ve never tried such a beer, and although beer tends to have vanishingly small amounts of gluten post fermentation, I still tend to steer clear. But the cupcakes sound wonderful. I think carrots and ginger may be as weird as I get with add-ins…

    1. I think ginger and carrots sounds wonderful as add-ons to cupcakes or muffins! Why not?!

      Yeah, beer does contain gluten but they have some pretty great gluten free beers now… if you’re drinking alcohol.

  2. BANANA BREAD BEER?! Ok, I’ve experienced acai beer and coffee/espresso beer, the latter of which I didn’t mind too much, but this is one beer I’d HAVE to buy, if only to make these incredible-looking cupcakes. I’m dying to try one. WAAHH! Wanna overnight me a batch of these? ;P

    1. Hmmm… I’d love to overnight you some! Are you even home? lol

      Espresso beer sounds really good but as you know, some are better than others in the flavored category. You’d LOVE this banana bread beer, though! Love. Promise. πŸ˜‰

  3. I don’t like fruity beers, generally. Actually, I can’t have beer, so I should say that I didn’t like them when I could drink them. But still, I’m intriged. Especially since beer bread is so GOOD. My mom makes this pumpkin beer bread (from a box mix….she’s not quite a baker like me) that is so good. Every Thanksgiving, I eat it. I get sick. Its worth it. πŸ™‚

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