Live Your Dream and Wear Your Passion

I’m just slightly in love with this picture above and it’s quotes. And it seemed to fit with the words of this post…

Since becoming a personal trainer (for hire…), I have been constantly reminded of how often people pleasantly surprise me.

When I first talk with a new client, or even people I meet, I would never guess what life experiences others have gone through, or the factors that have driven them toward who they are today.

I would never begin to imagine that I would be talking to someone who had made it to the Olympic try-outs for shot-put, only to discover, after qualifying, that she had a serious blood clotting condition, causing her to opt-out of the Olympics.

I would never guess that the person in front of me has already lost 100 lbs through diet and exercise and is turning to me to help him lose 30 more.

I normally wouldn’t think that after raising her own kids, a woman would take in foster child, after foster child, to give them a loving home and possibly save those children’s lives.

And I would never think that the 24 year old I trained had been overseas in the war, saved a fellow Air Force man, been shot, rehabbed, and would then be asking me for help to get her uniform back.

It’s crazy to think of all that others have seen, done, and experienced, of all  that could have possibly shaped who they are, and placed them in my little office, sharing incredible stories with me. Me!

I’m constantly finding more and more faith and inspiration in human kind and the drive that pushes us all to do better, to be better.

It’s incredible.

With so much “bad” in the world, it is wonderful to meet so many people who have done so much in their lives, and positively affected their own lives and the lives of so many others. It’s awesome to have people so inspired and motivated to reach a health goal. Even, at times, when that health goal may take great effort and time.

One question I ask when I meet a possible new client is on a scale of 1-10, how would they rate their motivation. Most give me a 10.

The next question is on that same scale of 1-10, how confident are they…

Do you have a goal that seems unreachable or even just hard to obtain? Will it take time? Will it take work? Will it be hard…? How much do you really want to reach that goal? How motivated can you be?

I know I have so many goals and desires in my own life and just seeing how much one person can obtain gives me so much confidence in creating the life that I dream about… if nothing else, just experiencing the journey of getting there.

How confident are you?

That’s all. That’s my Wednesday rant and my soapbox talk.

So, how about me affecting you? With a recipe maybe…?


Ok! Um… but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow. 😉


Questions of the day:

What miracle have you fallen asleep to?

What aspect of community are you inspired by?

Who or what surprises you?

How confident are you?

9 thoughts on “Live Your Dream and Wear Your Passion”

  • Hi Lori, you have a great blog post here, thank you for motivating me. Someday somehow I will fulfill my goal. One’s again thank you for such a valuable thoughts.

  • Wow, that’s some deep stuff… We’ve all got our story- it may seem small to us, but could really inspire someone else and we don’t even know it.

  • Ah, this is awesome–you’re inspiring others and being inspired in turn and offering it up here.

    Confidence–that’s a tricky one. I posted a couple days ago about my lack of success in my body comp goals despite doing everything I ‘should’ do, to the point that my husband, who used to be an athletic coach, can’t understand why I’ve had no results. When your system’s messed up, it’s a whole different game to set a goal and achieve it. But there are other things to focus on too!

  • wow Lori this is awesome! you have such a great soul, one reason we love ya

    yes human life can be very inspiring, one reason that is great about blogging there is inspiration everywhere!

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