Love Mugs. And CrossFit.

F R I D A Y!!!!

I love, love, looooove Friday. Probably just because it’s one day closer to Saturday and the last “official” work day. Not that that matters at all, I just like the sound of F r i d a y.

Anyway, yesterday, being that it was Thursday, I was on the lookout for the sunny rim a Friday morning always seems to offer. Thursday was somewhat busy with some setbacks in my mood… so when I got home from work and saw this package waiting for me, that Friday gleam got closer and closer.

What did I do to deserve this package? I have no idea but I LOVE my little mugs! …and the adorable note that came with it… from my secret admirer.

Have you ever seen anything more adorable? Note: Puppies and kittens don’t count.

Human Touch World Wide makes some awesome products! I’ve never seen them but Sascha had and ordered them to help make my day. I’m hooked on these mugs!

So, what am I filling my mug with? Tea, of course.

Nothing is better than waking up (at 4 am every single flippin’ morning…) and having a warm, comforting, sweetly savory cup of tea. And with the selection from my tea drawer (yes, I have a tea drawer) it’s obvious I love me some yummy teas.

So, it’s officially Friday and the day is ours for the taking. What have I done already with my morning?

Drank tea, brushed my teeth and CrossFitted.

I hit up the local CrossFit gym this morning for an early morning class that pleasantly kicked my butt into gear.

Today’s strength portion of class was Front Squats super-setted with Climbing Planks.

Then the lovely WOD (or workout of the day), for time:


  • 1000 meter row
  • 50 squat thrusters
  • 30 pull-ups

Wooooo hoooooo!

Nothing says Friday like a hard workout and some lovin’ in a mug.

What are your Friday plans???

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