Paleo Buffalo Brunch Crepes

Happy Monday!

As much as I love the warm, sunny weather of summer, I’m actually enjoying (once again) the cool breezes of Fall. The leaves are turning colors and dropping, the sky holds patches of dark clouds threatening rain, and the air has that bite that tells us winter is approaching. And I think I missed all of that change in the midst of 90+ degrees.

The few other wonderful things about the seasons changing are the meal changes. There are so many different ingredients that tend to find their way into the dishes and flavors of Autumn that just don’t seem right in other seasons. Take for example, pumpkin.

Yes, pumpkin is the bloggers’ world crack, if you will. It’s everywhere. In every recipe, every post title, and in every kitchen. Today, I’m not sharing a pumpkin recipe with you. Although, you know I will when I get my butt to the store and remember to get a pumpkin eventually.

No, no, today is a variation of my typical breakfast. Just about every single day I start my morning with a green smoothie but as it gets a bit colder at night, and chillier in the morning, sometimes I need something warmer, hardier, to greet the day.

Enter: Paleo Buffalo Brunch Crepes

Seriously, if you’re looking for something filling, warm, Paleo, fall-friendly recipe, try out this delicious brunch (or breakfast/lunch/dinner) recipe. Completely gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, and if using lean meat, is low-fat. This recipe makes two giant crepes, or three to four smaller ones, and enough filling to completely stuff the crepes.



The crepes came out wonderful! Warm and comforting for all welcoming reminders of the changing seasons.

I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked the actual crepe by itself. It was fluffy and the texture reminded me of the Ethiopian bread, Injera, with a slight cornbread taste.

Filled with the buffalo mixture, these crepes were gobbled up just in time for my family to make it to the kitchen.

Kidding! I shared.

What is(are) your favorite thing(s) about Fall?

What Fall dish should be included on What Runs Lori?? My kitchen is calling!

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