Raw (and Paleo) Pumpkin Spiced Carrot Cake with Walnut Pumpkin Frosting

I think I have figured out what I love most about making healthy, delicious, nourishing dishes for others.

I love the moment when someone has tastes the food I’ve made, right when that first bite hits their tongue. Their taste buds register the ingredients, dissolve the flavors, and evolve into a reaction on their face.

For example, the Raw Pumpkin Spiced Carrot Cake I made my for my family. My father who doesn’t eat totally healthfully, at least not when it comes to sweets or desserts, tried my cake only to express a  wow. He’s pretty skeptical of my all of my recipes anyway, dubbing them “salad-foods” and just a little too healthy.

Well, after taking one bite, he sad down and ate a whole piece to himself. The best part was when I told him it was raw, sugar-free, and made with carrots. His expression went from “it’s delicious!” to “this is healthy? I guess it’s just ok…”

Well, that “just ok” piece of cake was enjoyed by my dad in its entirety. I even overheard him talking it up hours later. Trust me, that’s saying a lot.

So, this cake is dad-approve, along with everyone else who tried it loving that it’s healthy and perfectly honey-sweetened. It’s even a super easy recipe with almost everything being in 1/2 cup amounts.

This Pumpkin Carrot Cake was made in cute little pumpkin-shaped cookie cutters for single serving pumpkin “slices.” Easy to make, fun to eat, and delicious in taste.


 Guess what? Not only is this dessert delicious and decadent, but it’s completely healthy, loaded with protein and even veggies, raw, vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and Paleo. 🙂 I love health!

Is there a health skeptic in your house?

How do you try to “sneak” health into your loved ones lives?

What do you love best about serving or sharing healthy, nourishing food with others?

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