Thought Provoking Thursday. Peachy Bean Smoothie.

This blog is all about health, fitness, food, photography, loving life, motivating others, and being (or finding) yourself.

In order to do all of these things, I find it necessary for my own personal growth, to ask questions. Asking questions to others and toward myself helps me find who I am, how I can be better, and why I’m even here.

What questions can you ask yourself today?

Here’s a helpful list of questions for Thought Provoking Thursday.

What do you tell yourself you are not worthy of?

How can you nourished yourself today?

What did you say you would do that you haven’t done yet?

What can you be acknowledge for today?

What do you have a hard time receiving (thoughts, words, actions)?

Where in your life are you feeling challenged (and is this a positive thing or a negative thing)?

What are you inspired by?

What can you acknowledge yourself for today?

What lights you up?


To nourish those questions and yourself (which I HIGHLY recommend doing), indulge in living foods. Foods that are grounding, high in nutrients, alive. Foods that will help energize your body and mind, and that will reinforce the thriving force inside of you.

Green smoothies are often my thriving food of choice. 😉

A Peachy Bean Smoothie, perhaps? Well, why not?

Free of refined sugars but sweetened with NuNaturals Stevia, this is the perfect sweet treat to get those creative juices flowing, without a sugar crash, to answer Thursday’s questions.

Completely full of life-giving greens, energizing nutrients, and blended for easy digestion, this is the perfect high protein smoothie for any time of the day… or week.

What question do you find you repeatedly ask yourself? A lot of times, mine involve not being good enough in the things I do. …interestingly, that gives me more questions to ask myself… What’s your question?

How do you nourish your mind, body, and energy?

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