Unconfused & Clearly Certain

I have been confused lately.

I’ve been confused about being confused.

I’ve been confused about being confused because I’m not confused I just thought I was.

You still following? I have been telling myself that I am unsure of what I want in life. I have been gripping every opportunity within reach to help pull me up, above and beyond where I’m currently at. I’ve been piling my plate higher and higher, as high as possible, with no end in sight.

And you know what, that plate is completely full and those opportunities that I’m trying to grasp have been leaving me worn out and overly stuffed.

I’m tired.

And I’ve realized that I’m not confused.

I’m not confused about what I want, where I want to go, and what I want to do.

I think The Monkeys have it correct.

What I was confused about was how to release myself from the burden of trying to do it all, trying to please everyone else, trying not to let others down, or disappoint, or say no. And with all of that adding up, the only person I’m letting down or disappointing or burdening is myself.

So again, I’m tired of not being clear with my intentions, words, and feelings.

From this point forward, I’m going to stop and catch myself when I start to become unclear. I’m going to release myself of all the “uncertain” feelings. I’m going to realize when I’m taking on the perfectionist role that I am so used to. And I’m going to start doing and living for me.

Starting with this…

Breath.   Whenever I feel any overwhelming feeling I will stop, breath, wait, and decide if continuing is in the plan.

Relax.   I will relax by taking time to write out thoughts and feelings, finding time to create recipes and write blog posts, making time to connect with others without throwing work into it. I will relax with a book. I will relax without all 500 forms of technology. I will relax by doing what I want to do.

Exercise.   Exercise has saved me in so many ways. If I have a bad day I exercise. If I need to release stress, I exercise. If I am feeling fat (we’ve all been there…) I exercise. I love it unconditionally. But sometimes I’m not doing it entirely for me. I’ll make myself aware that sometimes I can exercise with no competition with anyone else, no competition within myself. I will exercise the way I want to (and maybe sometimes it doesn’t have to be all or nothing).

Speak.   I will speak only truths about what I want. No mistake in what I see or want. There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking what you want. You or I may not get it, but at least we will have asked and been clear.

Eat.   I will eat what I want. I love my healthful foods and I want to eat that way. But I will let go of the “I have to eat the [insert latest trend here] way.” I will create, eat, and post Paleo recipes, vegan recipes, sometimes fat/sugar/etc.-filled, gluten-free, and full-of-love recipes. If you’re strictly Paleo and don’t like reading about vegan foods such as grains, beans, etc, then respectfully find another blog to look at. Or keep reading mine because you’ll find it all. I love all ways of eating and will continue to.

Clearing Skies

That’s it.

Nothing prompted this post except an overly stuffed agenda… and maybe a Kick Ass Coach and dear friend. I am clearly certain that I appreciate you, your words, and your comments. Keep reading (yes you!) because you’re awesome and you constantly inspire me along with many others.

Are you confused? Read this post again and then make a list like the one found on Medicinal Marzipan. And make it a great list.

Can you relate in any way?

How are you being unclear and what actions can you take to be clear with your intentions and direction in life?

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