Fitness and Exercise Questions

I’m starting a new series on What Runs Lori all about fitness and exercise.

Each week I’ll post an article or two all about, you guessed it, fitness and exercise.

I feel like to be completely healthy, or even just a little more healthy, we really need to incorporate three important things: Nutrition, Exercise, Stress Reduction. Sure, there will be times when things in life get a little crazy and we’re leaning more to one of these than the other. Maybe we’ve even jumped off all three and started a whole new set of “rules” to work with.

Increased Stress, the “Fast Food Diet”, and the Beer Belly Workout, my friends, happens. That is life. But hopefully with this little series, you’ll find tips and ideas, and MOTIVATION, to make some changes or be re-encouraged, to get moving in the healthy direction.

I’d love to get some questions from you to start off this series! Feel free to ask freely, as no question is stupid, and if you’re thinking it, then more people out there are thinking it, too.

Monday will mark the first post to the (ongoing) series that will be answered by myself and Kris, an incredible personal trainer and bodybuilding coach, veteran of the Marines, kick-ass person who knows his exercise facts. Kris, myself, and a few other guest experts will be filling in some fitness and exercise answers to help take you where you want to go on your journey to the gym and beyond! 😉


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