Foodbuzz Festival 2011 Part 1

As the weekend faded and I rode the train back out of San Francisco, I got a chance to recap the busyness of two days filled with food, food, and more food. A lot of food tasting, a celebrity chef sighting, and new friends filled my camera and will remain in my memories.

A picture really does speak a thousand words. This weekend I got SO many pictures, I’m sure there are about 200 great stories from all those pending words. Let’s recap just a few of those great stories, shall we?

First off, I was invited to share a room with Christin of Purple Bird Blog… turns out, she’s pretty awesome and getting to know her made my short trip perfect.

After exchanging gifts, Christin and I talked for hours, not one need for petty “small talk”. Breakfast with a Purple Bird (Blog) started out my Saturday morning (actually, getting off two stops too early on the train in the middle of a ghetto of San Francisco started my morning, but we’ll skip that part…) the right way.

Side note: Christin, being the lover of peanut butter, made me her special recipe with her original type PB and a fun mixture of PB and Sun Warrior protein, both of which are AMAZING. I’m not sure when Christin will be selling her peanut butters but if she doesn’t I’m going to privately solicit her for more jars. Folks, the salt to peanut to coconut oil(!!) ratio is out of this world. I’m not sure I’ve ever had a better peanut butter.

After wandering around SF for a while, exploring a bit, and hearing a zillion incredible stories from Christin (she has SO many great ones!), we walked over to the Foodbuzz Festival Tasting Pavilion for a 3 hour tasting of way too many food vendors.

A line formed quickly minutes before the tasting opened.

They opened the doors and a stamped of foodies flooded through. Let the [obsessively crazy] photo-taking, food bloggers begin!


I don’t eat much cheese, dairy, gluten, or sugar and this wasn’t HealthyBuzz, this was FOODbuzz. A lot of the tasting items were on in full force unhealthy but some where just downright homegrown delicious. I figured, by not taste everything. It’s not that something like this happens every day.

Some of the best dipping sauce I’ve had yet! And we each got a free full bottle of our very own. Hickory was amazing but Spicy is where it’s at.

Don’t ice cream and cupcakes just go hand in hand? They did on Saturday. Three Twins Ice Cream was handing out mini containers of their flavors to “try” even though the containers were huge. This was my first time trying Three Twins and wow, they were creamy delicious! And that goes right along with some fun Mission Minis Gourmet Cupcakes.

That was pretty much half of day one for the Foodbuzz Festival. The rest of day one involved more food and Food Network’s celebrity Chef, Tyler Florence at dinner!