Foodbuzz Festival 2011, Part 2

You read (and saw) about part 1 for the weekend’s Foodbuzz Festival. Get ready for part 2!

If the first part of my Saturday wasn’t filled with enough food, the second half sealed the deal.

After going for a long walk with the San Francisco roomie, Christin, we headed to the Grand Hyatt for some appetizers, mingling, and then dinner.

Photo from Sarah's, The Smart Kitchen

[Karen, Lauren, Maissa, Christin, Laura, Sarah, and Me!]

Some of the women I met during the Foodbuzz Festival were out of control amazing! I loved the spirit, drive, and energy from these women. I got to learn why others blog and what they’re all about.

[Me and Sarah]

[Christin and myself]

Fancy Foodbuzz had a catered dinner by Alexa Foods with a guest cooking demo by Food Network star, and dreaminess himself, Tyler Florence! Please check out Sarah’s blog for a recap of her meeting him! I’m only slightly jealous but her photos are hilarious.

[Mr. Tyler Florence]

Pear and Pecan Blue Cheese Salad (amazing)
Filet Mignon, Shrimp, Mashed Potatoes, and drippings sauce

Dessert Trio: Cheesecake, Bread Pudding, Chocolate Mousse. It was decent, but I’m not quite sure I’m a lover of sugar-filled desserts. Give me some fruit and honey and I’m good.

We stuffed our faces and then rolled back to the hotel.

Sunday morning, Christin and I woke early and took a chilly morning walk to the San Francisco Pier.

Then it was time for breakfast by hitting up my FAVORITE place, Cafe Gratitude

Nothing says nourish like grateful meals.

[Sarah, Myself, and Christin awaiting some Cafe Gratitude food to cleanse our Foodbuzz weekend of eats]

“I AM WHOLE” delicious quinoa, kim chee, sprouts, sea veggies, and creamy spicy tahini garlic sauce.

Yep. I was whole. And FULL.

Is it just me or can food be beautiful?

I think you’re ready for a giveaway tomorrow? What do you think?