One Day I Will…

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One day I will be unreasonably happy. For no reason.

One day I will compete in a figure competition. Just because.

One day I will run another half marathon. (…because half is way more comfortable than another full marathon)

One day I will get married.

One day I will have a family.

One day I will go back to paradise.

One day I will empty out my email inbox. Um… or not.

One day I will eat completely healthy.

One day I will eat like crap.

One day I will free myself of all disapproval.

One day I will regret a decision.

One day I will forgive myself.

One day I will learn to use my camera. Hopefully soon.

One day I will kick my butt in the gym. Even though that’s most days…

One day I will connect with someone. I will connect with you.

One day I will get six pack abs.

One day I will stop caring if I have that six pack.

One day I will write a book. About…?

One day I will figure out what the optimal “diet” is. If one exists.

One day I will leave the house 10000% clean.

One day I will hang up all of my clothes. …For longer than an hour.

One day I will be famous. In someone’s eyes.

One day I will love more, unconditionally.

One day I will deadlift 200 lbs. Although not even close to that yet.

One day I will stop making excuses.

One day I will live up to my own expectations.

One day I will believe in myself.

One day I will stop being the limiting factor in my own success.

One day I will succeed beyond my wildest dreams.

One day will be today.

Why not?


Β What will you do one day…?

What will you do today?

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  1. DITTO!!! to everything you said

    girl, I had big breakdown today. cried. questioning my life, etc. And just like you said, why not today? Today I will take one step forward. I will do one thing of my very long to do lists.


  2. One day I will stop caring what other people think. One day I will start documenting my fashion as well as my food. One day I will journey, not just “arrive.” One day I will take a cross-country road trip. One day I will send a multi-pitch climbing route. One day I will ski a black diamond. One day I will look in the mirror with nothing but appreciation, care, and love. One day I will sign up for yoga teacher training.

    TODAY I noticed that my abs are coming back. HALLELUJAH!!!!!!

    Per yoozsh, I love your posts, Lori. πŸ™‚

  3. one day I will travel to Napa with my glorious friend Lori!! (today, I will kick this virus’ ass by laying in bed drinking orange juice and fizzy water …)

  4. You already have that you are loved unconditionally…by me, your dad, and Christine. We lovc you all the stars in the sky and all the molecules in all the grains of sand….

  5. This is a great post to start my morning out on πŸ™‚ Thank you for the inspiration!

    One day, I will look and the mirror and think “I love the way my body looks.” That day is not today, but today I will believe I am one step closer to that every single day. πŸ™‚

  6. You can check “connecting with someone” off your list! I so appreciate you stopping by my newbie blog and making me feel like more than a complete whack job. I have to believe your list here resonates with so many people, and it always feels good to know you’re not alone. Wholeheartedly believe you can do any of those things you said, although the hanging up all the clothes is some twilight zone kind of thing for me. Look I did all my laundry! …How the hell does it look like this again?

  7. i think you took my every thought and put it into words. One day we will meet, one day we will sip on a nice glass of wine, one day i live moment to moment, one day needs to start today!

  8. Aww, loved this Lori! Ugh, I have so many “one day’s”…and now I want to steal some of yours!

    One day I will take a photography class (and learn what all those extra buttons on my camera actually do!)
    One day I will have an organized office.
    One day I will go 24 hours completely carefree.

    Today I will get my butt back in the gym after laying out for 3 days!

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