Super Chunky Citrus Bites

When I went to the Foodbuzz Festival this last weekend and was lucky enough to room with Christin. Since she’s a fellow food blogger, I knew I had to bring some goodies for her to try.

Not really sure what to make, I went with what I had an abundance: citrus fruit.

I had a huge bag of what I thought was limes and was excited to make some lime bites. As I combined all of the ingredients together and tasted the batch, I realized these little limes are not limes… In actuality, I don’t have a clue (still) what they were but I do know they look like limes, taste like lemons, and the middle is orange like little tangerines.

Since this recipe could use either a lemon, lime, or tangerine, we’ll go with citrus so you can use whichever you have on hand.

Fair warning, these little bites are amazing and eating just one may be a challenge. Crunchy from the cashews and sour from the leminerines with a tiny bit of salt to really make the sweetness from the dates pop.

This is a nutritious snack or dessert, loaded with flavor, healthy sweetness and fats, and energizing, too! My favorite part of these is the coconut sugar granules that I rolled them in. D E L I C I O U S. Rolling the bites in the coconut sugar is optional but definitely suggested.



Give these a try! And make them your own: What fun ingredient would you include to make these YOUR citrus bites?

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