Paleo Table (on Good Day Sac)

Well, my 15 minutes of fame are over and things have calmed down some (in my life). It was seriously so much fun working with Amy Carabba and Scott, the camera man, with Good Day Sacramento. Just slightly freaking out beforehand, everything went very well.

Although I didn’t have a chance to really talk or say anything even remotely intelligible, I still got to showcase my food. But what I did not get to do was go over what I made! So sadly, I didn’t even take any pictures! But luckily I had friends and family there supporting me with their iPhone pics.

Here is what I made for Good Day Sacramento:

Sundried Tomato Turkey Sliders on a bed of lettuce

Incredible Lemon-Honey Egg Salad in red cabbage cups

Greek yogurt was used instead of mayo

(Super blurry) Vanilla Creme Parfaits with Fresh Raspberries and Blueberries, topped with Nut Crumble

Mini Chocolate Almond Butter Tartlets, topped with Goji berries

and Cinnamon Nut Kisses (the little guys with the chocolate chips on top)

Giant Chocolate Coconut Almond Butter Cup

and last, but not least:

The Infamous Turkey Chimichanga Cupcake!

These were the little savory cupcakes Amy was trying on, and off, camera, crumbs falling from her mouth in the process. The woman is somewhat shameless and totally awesome. haha.

Have I mentioned yet that you can pick up all these recipes and MORE and help out a great charity by grabbing your Resolution Recipes eBook?

I’ve gotten a lot of new readers since this aired and have gotten even more questions about eating Paleo. Let’s cover the basics.

Paleo includes fresh vegetables, fruits, lean meats, and healthy fats, such as coconut oil and coconut products, nuts, and seeds. This is not necessarily a low carbohydrate diet. You’re still getting plenty of carbs in the form of vegetables like sweet potatoes, squash, etc., and all fruits.

Some people following Paleo consume dairy, while others do not. I do not drink milk but I will eat some Greek yogurt or goat cheese. This is somewhat a personal preference.

What Paleo excludes or greatly limits is grains, legumes, wheat, sugars, processed or refined anything. What this means is oats, barley, white and wheat bread, beans, peanuts, table sugar, doughnuts (regular ones, not my Paleo ones!), pasta, and all the like, are not included.

With all of this said, I eat Paleo, but my religion is not Paleo. I eat by a Paleo diet but if one day I want a spoonful of homemade peanut butter a friend has made, I’m going to eat it. Personally, if I tell myself I cannot have something, especially with the word FOREVER, mentally, I’m going to fail.

Why set yourself up for failure? Don’t think of a Paleo diet, or ANY other diet, a one-way, “don’t break any rules” way of eating or thinking. That is where you will find yourself obsessing about food and maybe even ending up failing. And we all want winning and succeeding!

A Paleo “diet” works for me because I have tried it, stuck with it, and seen results. BUT, you may try it, stick with it, and not see results. That is ok and actually great news- now you can try something new that will work with your body. We all have different bodies- what works for me, may not work for you. But if you don’t try it and STICK TO IT (which is key) then you won’t know if it works for you.

Ok, my rant is over. What do you think? Are “diets” or lifestyles one-size-fits-all? What ways of eating have worked for you? 

What is the best advice you can give someone looking for a new “diet” or new lifestyled way of eating?


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