What Runs U: Easy Egg Poppers

My What Runs U partner, Kris, has offered a fun, creative recipe that’s easy and pretty versatile and geared for those following a lean, lower carb, high protein diet. He trains himself and others for body building competitions and overall bigger guns.

Kris has been making some great recipes that he shares with me via iPhone. That’s the great thing about being a food blogger: Your friends send you pictures of their¬†food that they’ve created. I love it!

Food can be such a great outlet for creativity! Not only that, but it can help you learn how to properly feed your body- especially if you do some strenuous workouts.

Anyway, today’s What Runs U comes from a great personal trainer and friend, with a step-by-step lesson in an easy egg dish using Lana’s Egg Whites.

Egg Poppers

Recipe by Kris Haines

Gather up an empty and clean ice tray.

Spray it with a little olive oil spray.

Get your egg whites from Lana’s Egg Whites (great company hosting 100% pure egg whites!).

Fill your ice tray to 1/2 – 3/4 of the way full with the egg whites.

Place egg whites in trays into the microwave and nuke for 3 minutes (keep in mind, times may vary slightly).

Wa-la! Now that the egg whites are fully cooked, you can choose to eat them as is or throw in some fun ingredients. Additionally, you could mix spices or any other ingredients into the egg whites before microwaving them for a little more infused flavor.

Egg poppers!

Toss with a little salt, pepper, and whatever seasonings you’d like.

Kris’ favorite is egg poppers mixed with avocado and turkey.


Thanks, Kris! I honestly never would have thought of doing something like this. Is pretty creative and super easy. Especially if you’re busy or don’t want to dirty a pan.

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