Giveaway: V8 V-Fusion Vegetable & Fruit Smoothie

It’s been a wonderful weekend. You relaxed, I relaxed. You ate great food, I ate great food. You enjoyed the wonderful January sun… well, maybe you didn’t but I definitely enjoyed 72 degree weather yesterday. It was wonderful, and a nice break from the 30 degree overnight weather. Crazy. Just crazy.

You caught up on sleep, I caught up on sleep. You got to finish your good book, I got to finish a good book.

And now maybe you’re are greeting Monday with a lackluster approach, somewhat lost of enthusiasm.

I’m greeting Monday with pep, energy, renewal… and a giveaway!

Do you want to greet Monday with winning?

New V8 V-Fusion Vegetable & Fruit Smoothies, that is.

The wonderful people at V8 sent me 3 flavors of the brand new V8 V-Fusions, now out in stores.

The yummy V8 V-Fusions are gluten-free, dairy-free, contain NO added sugar and NO high fructose corn syrup, are naturally low in sodium, and no artificial color, flavors, or preservatives.

For example, Strawberry Banana contains the juice of 10 vegetables and fruits: sweet potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, beets, white grapes, oranges, apples, strawberries, bananas, banana puree. And not much else.

I was sent the Strawberry Banana, Mango, and Wild Berry. All were scrumptious. Not only that, the V-Fusions were sent inside a cute pink Vera Bradley tote with an awesome glass water bottle and case by Life Factory! I truly feel like I got hooked up. 😉

What I like is the freshness of the juices. You can taste the actual fruit. They aren’t overly sweet, and that is a huge hindering factor in most fruit juices. In case in needs to be said, added sugar = BAD.

Well, that’s a little about the tasty V8 V-Fusion juice treats. And I say treat because they are healthy but juice should be consumed in small quantities. No, there’s no added sugar but fruit does contain it’s own natural sugars. And we want to enjoy these sugars in moderation, don’t we?

I went ahead and opened one bottle to enjoy with sparkling water (half and half mix- YUM!) and one bottle to be frozen in ice cube trays for easy smoothie add-ins, deliciously chilled waters, and mini popsicles!

Alright, enough talking, let’s get on with the giveaway!

Campbell’s Soup Company (V8’s maker’s) is hooking you up, too. What you get:

• The three new V8 V-Fusion Smoothie flavors (Strawberry Banana, Mango and Wild Berry)
• A colorful Vera Bradley tote
• A “juice” bottle so you can take our delicious smoothies with you when you’re on-the-go


MANDATORY for Entries:

Like V8 V-Fusion on Facebook AND What Runs Lori on Facebook.

Additional entries (write a separate comment for each item you do):

1. Check out the V8 website and tell me which V8 V-Fusion flavor you want to try.

2. Tell me one creative thing you could do with your bottle of V8 V-Fusion. (Because I need ideas) On their website they have chicken recipes, sauce and dip recipes, and smoothie recipes. What would you make?

3. Follow WRL on Twitter and Tweet the following message (comment below confirming you’ve done so):

I entered to win a V8 V-Fusion prize pack from @WhatRunsLori ! #Giveaway here:

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Good luck and get to commenting for you loaded V8 prize pack! Giveaway ends on Sunday, Jan. 15th at midnight (PST) and will be announced on the following Monday (next Monday) with ANOTHER GIVEAWAY.

Win this!

You can never say I haven’t been good to you. 😉

Have a great Monday!