Paleo Sweet Potato Gingerbread Bars

 There’s something about cold weather and comforting foods… or in the case of these fun and festive bars, spices.

I love spices. All spices. The more the better, and the more is what I want.

If we’re talking sweet things and spices, I’m a huge fan of chai spices, pumpkin spices, mulling spices, and gingerbread spices. I think the common theme amongst all of those would be a little cinnamon and a little ginger- both of which I love.

 So, in the spirit of warm, comforting foods making their way into Wintery days, I baked up some gingerbread spices, pumpkin puree, sweet potato, and coconut flour. These are moist, delicious, low sugar, also low-glycemic, high in fiber, low in fat, sweetly spiced, and dotted with mini dairy-free chocolate chips.

Winter just couldn’t get better than these…

Just make ’em.

And then go enter the CORE Foods giveaway. Or make them after, I’m not picky.

And have a great day. 🙂