Paleo Sweet Potato Gingerbread Bars

Posted byLori Posted onJanuary 24, 2012 Comments11

 There’s something about cold weather and comforting foods… or in the case of these fun and festive bars, spices.

I love spices. All spices. The more the better, and the more is what I want.

If we’re talking sweet things and spices, I’m a huge fan of chai spices, pumpkin spices, mulling spices, and gingerbread spices. I think the common theme amongst all of those would be a little cinnamon and a little ginger- both of which I love.

 So, in the spirit of warm, comforting foods making their way into Wintery days, I baked up some gingerbread spices, pumpkin puree, sweet potato, and coconut flour. These are moist, delicious, low sugar, also low-glycemic, high in fiber, low in fat, sweetly spiced, and dotted with mini dairy-free chocolate chips.

Winter just couldn’t get better than these…

Just make ’em.

And then go enter the CORE Foods giveaway. Or make them after, I’m not picky.

And have a great day. 🙂

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  1. SOOOO Good! My wife made these for our daughters – By the time I was through there was a LITTLE left for them…

  2. mmm!! do you think I could use whole wheat flour or peanut flour in replace of the coconut? or does the coconut give it more flavor?

    1. You could use any flour, really. But the coconut flour soaks up A LOT more liquid- so if you do use a different flour, be aware when you’re adding in water/almond milk/liquid, etc. Add in a small amount first then see how the consistency is when you mix everything together.

  3. Oh yum! These will hit the spot for me. I had a gingerbread craving a while back and these look perfect.

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