Praise of Actions

The other day I was sent a text message from my personal trainer friend, Kris. You may recognize Kris from his advice from What Runs U Mondays. Anyway, the text message was from one of his clients who wanted to update him on how she was doing.

The text message was so awesome that he was kind enough to share it with me, making my day.

“Hey Kris, This is Taylor, you have been helping me with my nutrition and healthier weight goals. I just wanted to thank you for writing me up that calorie plan and just keeping up on me. It’s nice to have the support. I also wanted to let you know I really love the website you referred me to, whatrunslori, its amazing! I made one of her recipes for breakfast today after my work out today, and even my workout was inspired by one of her listed exercises. I am going to try a lot of those recipes, they look great. After reading her story about her struggle with weight and how she has come to peace with food was really positive, and motivates me even more to keep striving for a healthier, athletic weight. Again, I can’t thank you enough. -Taylor.”

Now, I’m not one to get emotional (ok, I am…) but this almost brought me to tears! I helped someone?? I made a difference?

Wow. The power of one person really does make a difference. It’s evident in everything we do- whether that one thing is helping someone reach their weight loss goals successfully, help them feel better about themselves, talk negatively behind their back, shout angry words to a friend or loved one, or praise them openly and with appreciation.

Each thing we do affects someone else. I guess WRL helped Taylor. And Taylor helped me. And Kris, well, he’s been a huge supporter of this blog and my personal and professional goals, so he’s helped me, too.

We all have the power to make or break a day, push forward or stand still, look up and dream big, or duck our head and go with the flow.

I’m not sure where all of this talk writing is going, but one thing I would love to get across is to act as though you can change the world. Even if it’s one little act at a time.

On a different note, I’ve be SUPER busy lately so if I’m not getting back to your emails and questions as quickly as usual, just know, I will… soon! And I have lots of great things to share tomorrow and Friday. Tomorrow will be a little 101 on fermenting veggies and making sauerkraut (yum!). Friday we’ll eat a little Spicy Paleo Bread!

Have a wonderful Wednesdays, my friends!

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