Rockin’ Raw Sushi Rolls (made with walnut pate)

The one thing I love about eating and preparing raw food meals is the pure simplicity.

In truth, it’s really the use of only all-natural, whole-food ingredients that are used. Other than that I guess the prep work is a bit non-simplistic. Raw food prep takes some time but the end result is way worth it.

This raw food dish was actually quite easy to make, as most (but not all) are. After getting past the process of chopping, dicing, blending, processing, and/or plating for presentation, you’re left with only real food…

As these aren’t the most beautiful thing I’ve ever created, they were darn tasty, and more than worth the little bit of extra time it took to blend, chop, and roll into “sushi”.

These rolls were fresh, super flavorful, and incredibly filling, despite the size of them. I made these so long ago and completely forgot to post the recipe that I almost need to make them again to get the flavors stuck back in my head. I loved them. And these got raved reviews by my parents and sister.

I made these quite a while ago, in fact, that there is quinoa in the nut base. Nope, not Paleo, but, like with all recipes, make them your own. Start with the base nut pate (base, with or without the quinoa) and add in whatever seasonings, other flavors, and veggies you want. Think Asian, Mexican, Thai, Ethiopian, Japanese, Chinese… whatever type of roll you want, you have the power to create.

And whatever your wonderful mind comes up with… tell me. I need ideas from time to time, too. ­čśë


These may look like a lot of work, or even like a lot of ingredients, but try them! They’re super easy (just throw everything in a food processor!) and┬ádefinitely┬ádelicious.

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