Decadent Paleo Chocolate Coffee Pancakes 2.0

I was recently drawn to the fact that my first attempt at Paleo Chocolate Coffee Pancakes were a little off (thank you for letting me know! And to which I’ve updated some). The ingredients listed created a dry and flaky pancake that didn’t really fair well when recreated. Oddly, they worked for me, but if someone else is having problems with them, then it is my duty(!!) to try them out again.

The second version, which I enjoyed on my lazy weekend, had a few adjustments made to the inner workings. I re-addressed the issue of coconut flour, which at first called for 1/2 cup. Now, if you’re a coconut flour veteran then you know that coconut flour in any amount is a lot. It’s a liquid sucker and can quickly dry up your batter. So, that being said, and now more inclined to using coconut flour, lowered the amount by half. Along with some other hydrating features, I came up with someone pretty darn tasty.

This pancake is, of course, not like a regular pancake. It is, and probably always will be, just a tad dry. But the flavor is right on with chocolate and coffee and it’s super healthy, loaded with protein, essential fats, chocolate :), and is gluten and grain free. And of course, toppings are always optional but welcomed like the sun is to sprouting seedlings (where that came from, I’ll never know…).

With the slight warning that these are a little dry, they may crumble just a bit when taking them off of the pan. As long as you’re cool with it, I’m cool with it- as they still taste pancakey enough for my liking. And I’m picky.

 There you have it, the Paleo Chocolate Coffee Pancake, second take. Try them and PLEASE let me know if they worked for you. As I make things and they turn out, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll work with the ingredients you have- meaning, coconut flours are not created equal in size of the grind/flour. This does make a difference.

For those adventurous enough…

There you have it. A weekend morning breakfast pancake. You can love it, hate it, gawk at it. I encourage Pinning it. 🙂

Have a fantastic weekend!

Do you get a 3 day weekend for Monday’s holiday?!

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