Gluten Free Raspberry Orange Scones

I have never met a food I didn’t like.

It’s true.

Well, it’s not true. I greatly dislike water chestnuts.

So, I’ve never met any other food I didn’t like.

I love it all.

The variety is what gets me. I love the variety.

The textures, flavors, spices, hots and colds, bakes and frozens, mix and match and stir and EAT.

Since I’ve been eating Paleo-style, I’m finding new and inventive ways to get my baked goods-craving fix. Coconut flour and almond meal are just about the only options in the Paleo realm for “flours” and sometimes those options don’t work extremely well by themselves. So they need recruits!

I’ve been avoiding almonds, almond flour, and almond butter for a few months and found that my body actually does not work well with them. I was eating a LOT of almond butter and when I cut it out, my digestion improved and stomach aches went away. So coconut flour it is.

But, like I stated above, at times we all need friends. Even if they aren’t the same as us. Even if they aren’t into strict Paleo. Even if they’re an alternative gluten-free flour mix.

Yes. I said it. Gluten-free flour mix that isn’t Paleo. And you know, sometimes you just gotta make new friends… or old friends, reunited (please see my desserts recipes for more incredible-ness).

So, coconut flour met up with gluten-free flour for a night of mingling, dancing, and drinks. And scone baking.

And that is how the Gluten Free Raspberry Orange Scones were created. I think it were the drinks…

As you’ve probably guessed, I never met a raspberry, an orange (or it’s zest!), or a scone I didn’t like. Especially when it’s healthy, warm from the oven, and perfectly moist, yet crunchy. πŸ™‚

Make these, love these, and make new friends. It’s ok to cheat on your old ones sometimes. πŸ˜‰




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Have you ever met a food you didn’t like?

Have you made any new (food) friends lately?

13 thoughts on “Gluten Free Raspberry Orange Scones

  1. As soon as I saw these, they were in my oven!! I used lemon juice for oj, blueberries for raspberries and truvia instead of sweetener. O.M.G!!!! Best things ever!!!!

    1. OOOOOOH good! I loved them so I’m glad you made them and liked them too! I thought they were good. πŸ™‚

      I like your subs, too!

  2. They look amazing πŸ™‚ Perfect timing too I tried baking gluten free scones last week and they turned up absolutely horrid. I also may have a tub of clotted cream that needs using up so if that is not serendipidity I don;t know what is πŸ˜‰

  3. Just wrote this down. When I make it, I’ll send mad props. This looks way easier than the scone recipe in Gluten Free Baking for Dummies. I also like that it can be effed with pretty simply… y’know exchange different liquids for the OJ, different fruits for the razzies. Good lookin’ out!

  4. water chestnuts are horrible LOL we can’t stand them either! glad we are not the only ones! and besides that we love just about everything haha
    and especially homemade scones right from the oven!! yum

  5. haha that is funny. I actually saw a gluten free brownie mix the other day and was VERY tempted to buy it… I may go back and get it. There are quit a few foods I don’t like, but luckily I can eat most of them if they are cooked with other foods. I guess I mostly have issues with raw foods like onions and peppers. Just not my thing.

  6. I’ve met so many foods I don’t like! But there are all kinds of very very unusual foods I love that no one’s ever heard of.

    Interesting–my mom was eating a lot of almonds at one point, and built up some kind of sensitivity to them–I think she’s ok now if she eats just a few. Maybe that’ll happen with me and bananas eventually–I can’t eat them at all right now.

    Have you investigated potato flour and starch, and tapioca and amaranth starches? They are grain free and paleo friendly, and they’re finer, so they might combine well with coconut flour.

    These scones are gorgeous-looking, though!

  7. Haha, I hate water chestnuts too. And bamboo shoots. And mustard…actually, my mustard fear probably counts as a phobia. I can’t even look at it. Well, and orange. But swap the orange in these for lemon and I’m in!

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