Healthy “Oreo” Cookies, Raw, Vegan, and Delicious

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You get not one

Not two

But three(!) posts on why homemade is better (1 and 2). Have you learned anything yet from this little series? I hope so. If nothing else, I hope the homemade’s have inspired you to be a little more creative in the kitchen and maybe try eating at home a little more often. I’m sure your wallet will thank you.

One thing I have to say about eating homemade and why I love it so much- I can have anything I want. Literally. If I want a burger, smothered in sauces and oozing with flavor, I can have that burger.

If I want a cake, I can darn well have that cake.

Same with scones (like my Low-Sugar Chocolate Chip Cake-Like Scones).

Same with doughnuts (like some Paleo Sugar Cookie Doughnuts).

Same with melty and gooey lasagna (like my delicious low carb Paleasagna).

How about Mac ‘n Cheese? Like some Wild Mushroom Jalapeno Mac ‘n Cheese.

Mmmmm… or Pumpkin Pie. Or Plum and Peach Pie. Or

Pumpkin Spiced Carrot Cake? Oh yeah!

You get the idea. And the idea for today is indulging in healthy foods. And yes, that is possible- to expand your tastebuds to the healthy culinary world of raw food desserts. I have many fellow blog friends whom have mastered this and have made incredible, and beautiful, treats. I encourage you to try out some of my raw food recipes and others’ as well.

Raw desserts, those that do not contain diary, gluten, soy, ingredients heated over 118 degrees F, are wonderful. The main idea behind eating raw foods is that they are living foods- still containing the plant life force and living enzymes. If you are what you eat, I want to be alive and thriving! And thus, raw foods are the best foods for you- who ever said a big, juicy, rich red and ripe bell pepper wasn’t good for you…?

No one!

So let’s get our raw food dessert Oreo-making on!


How’s that for a Friday post?

How about you? Have you tried any raw food desserts before? How do you like them compared to regular, sugar-filled desserts?

What’s your favorite dessert? …And have you ever tried to make it healthier?

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  1. Hey, next time you are in town you will have to let me know {I can give you a free Ghost Tour…all of the tour guides inlcduing me are LDS!} I live right down the road from Sweet Things! Their pumpkin ice cream is REALLY good as well and Chris-the owner is a SUPER nice guy!

  2. i miss oreo’s so much!! If you need a taste tester, you know where to find me! These look ridiculously good.

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