Trainer Kim on What Runs Lori (Guest Post!)

Today you all get a treat. We’ll call it a calorie free, Wednesday treat.

Please enjoy the voice (through writing) of Trainer Kim! She’s adorable, motivating, and completely inspirational! Check out her blog after you read her incredible story. 🙂


Hey fans of What Runs Lori! My name is Kim and I blog over at Train Your Body-Change Your Life! I am so excited to share my story with you today!

It started about 7 years ago. Stomach aches. Gas. Bloating. Headaches. Fatigue. Oily skin. Acne. Really really bad gas. Mood swings. Depression. Anxiety. Body image issues. Obsessive compulsiveness toward food. I no longer struggle with any of this! Let me tell you why….

I grew up on a steady diet of junk food. I would put butter on my Pop Tarts, sugar on my Frosted Flakes, cheddar cheese in my Mac N Cheese, frosting on my Graham Crackers and horde candy like a crazy person. I never ate vegetables or fruits (nope, not even bananas!). Our healthiest meal was a taco salad with Iceburg lettuce, ground beef, tortilla chips and about a block of cheese!!!

In 7th grade I remember shopping for jeans and having to wear a size 14. In high school, I was a cheerleader which caused me to lean more toward starvation diets and trying to “look the part”.

My freshman year of college I was easily 170 pounds.

I remember wanting to run the Shamrock Run (the 5k) and barely surviving!

However, it lit a fire in me and I later completed 5 5k’s, 2 8k’s, a 10k, a half marathon and Hood to Coast!

I never exercised and certainly didn’t feel like I needed to. It wasn’t until I started working at Costco in 2005 that things started changing for me. I ate at the food court daily, but, I was working harder than I ever had before. I pushed carts for 8 hours a day and lifted case after case of water and soda. About 3 months into working there, I discovered that I had hip bones!

I joined 24 Hour Fitness and got a personal trainer who made me miserable :0) I lost more weight. By 2006, I was 150 pounds! That was without dieting! Unfortunately, my emotions were all messed up and I started getting obsessed with losing weight. I would run all the time and keep meticulous food journals and count calories religiously. In 2007, I was a scant 139 pounds. For my 5’6” frame, this did not look very good.

In 2008, things started turning around for the better. I started dating Tim, my husband, and started making healthier choices. In 2009, I decided to become a personal trainer and help others find the success that I had found. I was hired that year at Cascade Athletic Club to do membership and then onto training.

I now spend my days helping people achieve their dreams! In 2011, I finally decided that exercise alone was not enough and cannot negate negative food choices. In 2011, I became a Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist! I also do nutrition consulting for Crossfit Gresham!

I am now a Paleo health nut who is free from all of the symptoms I listed above. It has been a long process (and will continue to be) but worth every step! I am grateful to understand my body’s needs, wants and limitations. I no longer count calories or obsess over every bite. I enjoy food and am constantly delighted by new recipes and ideas.

My Current Certifications include:

National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer

International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) Fitness Nutritional Specialist

Body Training Systems (BTS) Group Ride Instructor

Aqua Aerobics Instructor

Silver Sneakers/Silver & Fit Instructor

Athletic Development And Physical Therapy (ADAPT) Trained

CPR/AED/First Aid Certified

I’m so excited to have the opportunity to share my passion!! Check out some of the articles I have been featured in or written!!, Trainers Reveal Their Favorite Workout Equipment!

Delicious Living Magazine, Link Coming Soon!, Fat Loss FAQ

Paleo Magazine, Link Coming Soon!

Some of my favorite recipes to make are….

Kale Salad w/ nut butter dressing

Flat Belly Berry Crisp

Broccoli Crunch Salad

and my absolute favorite….Paleo Blueberry Banana Bread!

Thank you so much Lori for having me over today!

Yours in Health,


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