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I admire so many people. There are all walks of life and all types of characters out there, creating such a diverse, unique, and interesting world. There are motivators, those who inspire, people who are driven and do so much in their everyday lives- sometimes for themselves and sometimes for others.

There are just so many people to admire.

And when I have a chance to talk, converse, and ask questions to one such person, I jump on that chance.

Recently, I was connected to Ashley Horner to do an interview for What Runs Lori. This National Fitness Model and Figure Competitor gave me much more than just an interview- she gave me yet another person to admire.

Ashley- out there proving that strong really is the new skinny.


WRL: Tell us a little bit about you- what you believe in, your background, etc. (short or long answer 🙂 )

AH: I grew up in the middle of Oklahoma. I was raised on a beautiful horse ranch with lots of acreage to run around on, my parents bred and broke quarter horses. I was never inside as a little girl I don’t even think I owned a barbie, I was always outside catching bugs riding horses, and playing in the creek. I never watched television or played video games. I actually had a pet opossum, Herman, that lived inside with me and I fed him bill jack dog food, I’m not sure what my parents were thinking. They allowed me to come into my own. Exploring and encouraging me to be outside.

WRL:  You are a mom, wife, and a famous figure model. You seem to find balance in these areas of your life. What are some ways you keep life and business balanced? Do you incorporate your business into your life?

AH: Balance, yes that is something that is constantly changing, I get asked that a lot actually, how do I find balance with everything I have going on. I believe I’m always seeking the right amount of balance for the current activities going on in my life. Its all about preparation. Sundays I take some time to write down my schedule for the week. Clients, interviews, little league, my workouts, playmates, lunches everything has a spot, a given time. Blaine, Tripp and Cash always come before my career, so of course there are times when I must make adjustments.

WRL: What was the turning point/event that sparked your interest or path to professional health and fitness?

AH: Well, after I had Tripp, (who is 4 now) I really needed something to push me, I was athletic but never really worked out until after I had gained so much weight. I knew little about figure competitions and I just decided to do one. I signed up shortly after his first birthday, I loved the way my body transformed, It was incredible I felt strong, I had tons of energy and the moment I got on stage, I LOVED it.

I took first place in my division and first place overall. OCB, Spirit of America in Cape Cod. It wasn’t till a few years later, I really enjoyed and got into modeling. For me, modeling is like little competitions with myself. It allows me to be creative, pick my outfits if I’m able and try and out do myself every time I get in front of the camera.

WRL: What are some of your life fitness goals?

AH: Well right now I’m currently an athlete for, that has been an incredible accomplishment for me. There is so much that I want to achieve, not necessarily with competitions or winning titles and trophies but to continue to raise the bar in the fitness industry, to keep branding Ashley Horner. To build a long term relationship with When it comes to the fitness industry, its important that you don’t get stuck on one specific goal but to open yourself up to many opportunities. That way your not limited to the things that you achieve.

WRL: What top 5 tips would you give to someone trying to break into fitness modeling?

AH: 1. First and foremost, you have to be careful about the photographers you work with. There are some amazing photographers in the industry, but also some poor ones. We all have them.. the picture that you look at now and say ‘WHAT WAS I THINKING’ 🙂 but you just have to be smart. You have control over the shoot. Never let yourself get talked into something you’re not comfortable with.

2. You must promote yourself. I would spend my weekends on the computer researching the models and the photographers, and contacting them. sending them my pictures and show my interest in there work.

3. Don’t get bummed out if you don’t get the first gig that your going after. If people knew how many times I got turned down they wouldn’t believe me. You must keep on. I would send emails out to publishers with a link with my portfolio and I usually wouldn’t hear anything back, but I figured at least they would see my name and my face. That was good enough for me.

4. You have to have something that sets you apart from everyone else. Get creative with your shoots. And stop doing the same poses as everyone else. You’re just blending in with all the other hundreds of aspiring fitness models. Make a statement work with your strengths and kill it.

5. Like anything practice makes perfect. You must practice your modeling and study the pictures. When your getting ready for a shoot find your inspiration, the look that you have in your head that your wanting to go for.

WRL: What do you think were some of the strong factors that contributed to you create your own business?

AH: Networking myself and letting people into my life a little bit. Its important that people see that I am real, not just a person, but I live the way I preach. I have off days too just like everyone else, but I overcome them.

WRL: What are your top 5 exercises?

Hmm, my top 5 exercises. I love doing things that don’t require a lot of equipment, like pull ups, push ups, squats walking lunges and decline sit ups.

WRL: What runs/drives you?

AH: At one point in my life, it was someone very close to me at the time looking right at me and saying “You’re never going to make it. Whats the point.?” With a few other very hurtful words following, I left that moment walked away shut the door and cried all the way to the gym…

That burned inside of me for along time it drove me to my next level, to not just be great but to be extraordinary. Needless to say, I’ve let go of that. It’s important that you accomplish things for no one else but yourself. I have a passion and a love for what I do that cant be explained but seen and felt through my drive and determination.

WRL: Would you provide a sample of your diet?

AH: I eat clean all year round, my daily diet includes these foods:

Breakfast: Egg whites, oatmeal or ezekiel toast

Snack: Cottage cheese with diced strawberries and almonds

Lunch: Chicken sandwich on ezekiel bread or a high fiber wrap

Mid-afternoon snack: Protein shake or some Greek yogurt

Dinner: is always a protein and veggies

I also drink lots of water throughout the day.

WRL: What would you like to see more of in the health and fitness industry (this could be related to anything)?

AH: The stereotypical, girls who are afraid to lift because they think they will get massive muscles and turn into a dude. This is not going to happen. Girls who are trying to get into shape and lift some weights need to realize that its okay to lift heavy you’re not going to get JACKED like your boyfriend. Girls you see with a lot of muscle supplement a lot. People are always surprised how little I actually am in person. They always say I thought you were going to be HUGE by looking at your pictures. I’m very petite. I can just ‘bring my muscle out” when I need too!

WRL: You do a lot of different types/styles of workouts, do you have a favorite? And why?

AH: My favorite workouts are HIIT workouts like circuit training, the more intense they are the more I love them. I’ve recently been getting into CrossFit and I love that! It short, intense and it a competition all at the same time! I relate well with it.

WRL: Favorite place to be (or wish you could be), and why?

AH: I LOVE Newport, Rhode Island. Its such a beautiful part of the Country. I lived right on the coast for a few years and would walk everywhere. I really enjoy the smaller towns anywhere on the coast. I love the downtown areas with all the little shops, coffee shops and bakery’s. I would walk to the farmers marked twice a week and pick up local and fresh fruits, veggies and grains. I’m big into buying local products.


There you have it. Up close and personal with the words and thoughts- and life- of Fitness Model and Figure Competitor, Ashley Horner.

Thank you SO much for taking the time to answer these questions for What Runs Lori readers! You’re strong, beautiful, and a hard worker. And incredibly determined and driven. 

Check out Ashley’s YouTube videos for even more inspiration. Her videos are incredible: Ashley on YouTube.

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