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I’ve had a few questions about superfoods, lately. Here’s a simple post just to cover some basics. Let me know if you have any questions on this subject, or if you have any information you’d like to add on!

I was first drawn to superfoods a few years ago when I got really into eating raw vegan. I would put nothing in my body that was cooked, adulterated, or wasn’t a fruit, vegetable (both raw), or superfood.

I loved the way I felt but after a while I lost energy, starting gaining back weight I had lost at the beginning of the diet, and just felt as though there was something missing. Something was missing. Cooked foods! And although I condone the use of a widely varied plant diet, sometimes we need a little extra something in our meal regimen.

One thing I definitely took away from my time as a raw foodist was the world of superfoods. Yes, a lot of them can be a waste of money (and I can say that because I’ve purchased them all and tried them all), but some can be well worth trying, taking, and benefiting from.

Some of my favorite superfoods, ones I use just about everyday, are green powders, maca powder, cacao powder, and a few other choice goodies.

A lot of times I’m buying in bulk to cut down on costs, but then every now and again I’ll find a website that has great prices for many of the best ones out there. Kinda like Their selection of superfoods are awesome. There is everything from antioxidant superfood powders (this brand is my favorite!), green tea blends, dandelion root, and herbal Chinese extracts to tons of protein powders, BCAAs and other get ripped supplements for weight training, and a great selection of workout gear (fun jump ropes!).

The brands they carry on the superfoods are some of the best there are out there. I have actually done a LOT of research on supplements and quality suppliers and companies. I worked at an anti-aging clinic where we supplied supplements- and where I learned which ones you want to buy, which you don’t.

Anyway, the point to all of this is that superfoods are fun add-ins to any diet, if you’re wanting an extra boost. Finding the right ones, the quality ones, is definitely important. NutritionFix is one source for quality superfoods and a site I use for the hard to find supplements.

By the way, not only do superfoods go well in smoothies, but throwing them in Paleo baked goods is delicious, too…

 The world always needs more Superfood Paleo Waffles recipes…

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