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I had the divine opportunity to spend two days with some of the most insightful people on Earth (at least in my opinion). If they were nothing else, they were inspiring.

Hay House lays out many inspirational conferences a year, all over the country. I saw one coming to my neck of the California woods and jumped on the chance to attend.

I went to the conference to see just Kris Carr, and got to see SO much more. Each day I left that conference with new ideas, ways of thinking, ways of acting, ways of being. I laughed (a lot), cried (a little), shifted my thinking, found love (for myself), and learned soooooooooooooooooo much.

The main focus I pulled from the conference was all about awareness. Awareness of how you feel, what you think, and what energy you put out. The only way to create what you want (health, family, money, mood, etc.) is by first being aware of each of those. You are what you eat, along with what you think and speak.

We all know the saying, You get out what you put in. This certainly true of exercising. It’s true of eating healthy. It’s true in your profession or education or relationships. It is certainly true of what you think. When you put out positive thinking, the only thing you can get in return is positive thinking, feeling, and experiences.

Be aware of what you put out into the world.

The coolest 85 year old ever, Louise hay sat down and chatted for an hour with Cheryl Richardson. While chatting, sassy Louise took the time to pull numerous items out from her bra. You may have had to be there, but that woman is talented with packing… (we’ll just say she pulled out a small pack of prunes, almond butter, soy sauce, a hotel room key, tylenol, a tea bag, little notes of affirmations, and a few more items). Talent.

Famous Director, Tom Shadyac, gave an incredible, short and sweet, and super animated speech about taking the good with the bad and balancing the two.

Denise Linn, with her aura of love, changed my life forever (some day I will share my experience during her session, but for now- I know she changed many lives in her 20 minute time limit).

Congressman Tim Ryan surprised me, and probably everyone else in the audience, with his passion for wanting to change the way medicine is given and how children learn.

Nick Ortner, was pretty awesome, showing us how to tap (oh yeah! EFT). His sister Jessica Ortner, even more awesome than Nick, made me laugh and see that you can change how you think and feel about yourself and become a documentary star.

Barbara Carrellas talked orgasms openly- to a room of thousands- with her hot pink streaks of hair and her low cut top. She was open and definitely honest. And Agapi Stassinopoulos. Agapi gave a powerful acting skit, with all of her Greek self and big, loving thighs. Dave Carroll sang us a song and showed us how one person can make a huge movement in social media- with his YouTube video, United Breaks Guitars, that made him famous and changed his life. Latham Thomas made us glow, and Louanne Brizendine told us how the male and female brains work- and how truly different they really are.

Danielle LaPorte, one of my favorites, was the most real person I’ve seen. Fun and sassy, she gave us the strategies to achieve all we desire.

Michael Eisen was vibrant, funny, and relate-able. He changed his life at age 19 and use this to hold a passion for empowering youth. He is also my new crush and we may or may not get married some day… just saying…

Alisa Vitti is beautiful, honest, and confident, after losing an obese body and had the same hormone imbalances that I have now- her and I will be talking again.

Doctor Lissa Rankin told the story of how her body reacted, physically, to how she felt inside. She now helps other diagnose underlying health issues and heal from the core to be healthy, vital, live a happy life.

Sarah DeAnna, being her skinny self, gave us some tips on how to be beautiful and thin. Kate Northrup racked up thousands in debt and changed her life through coaching others to be the real person they hold within.

Nancy Levin writes radiant poetry- the very words within that saved her life. Michael Chase was sweet and soft spoken and found his guru from a turtle. Good story- trust me.

Michelle Phillips was super cute, bubbly, and helps others find their inner beauty, revealing their outer beauty.

And Kris Carr. Besides being hilarious, she is truly glowing. All that juicing has paid off and she is the shinning example of honesty, integrity, silliness, loverofthewordsfuckandshit, and the most REAL and RAW person I’ve ever witnessed. She talked both days, Saturday and Sunday, and the words she spoke flowed straight from her heart. She revealed secrets, humiliates, loves, likes, a lot of cuss words, laughs, and words of wisdom.

I didn’t get many pictures but I did get a few signatures from the speakers- all authors, I might add. I HIGHLY recommend checking out the list of speakers on this link and asking me any questions you have- if you have any- about anyone your interested in. Seriously.

Happy, fantastic Monday! I’ll leave you with the best takeaways from the conference:

“You will be with you for the rest of your life- what kind of relationship would you ilke to have?” -Louise Hay

The secret to life is learning and growing.

Live the most empowered version of yourself.

There are no problems, only situations. Situations only become problems when you begin to think they are.

What would you do today if you knew you couldn’t fail. What would you do? And what would that feel like?

Did you know that the best time to change (or implement change) is when you are on vacation (Away from your usual environment).

Change. 🙂

Live the most empowered version of yourself.

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