R.A.W. Series : Juicing Q&A and The Best of Juicers

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Well, we all survived Monday, hopefully with a workout, and now we’re ready for a new day, possibly another new workout, and definitely a new outlook.

A new day can provide a new take on life. Everyday is a new chance to create something different and new. And, if it were me, I’d start with a green juice. Especially if you’re looking for a lift. Trust me, fresh plant lovin’ provides ample energy to start fresh!

And fresh it is.


Like Mona, above, green juices are now my best friends. I mentioned this before, but ever since drinking a daily juice, everything in my life is flowing better (I’m sure a good outlook doesn’t help…). But don’t take my word for it, try it yourself.

Last week I gave you a few juice ideas and asked if you had any to share. This week you get more. Also, a few questions were brought up, which should definitely be answered. First by me, and then by you if you have a comment about anything.


Reader, Lori W. said, “I have been eating Paleo for about 4 months now and want to start incorporating juicing into my diet.  Can you recommend a juicer?  There are so many to choose from.  Which one do you use?”

Right now I use a simple Cuisinart Centrifugal Juicer. Although I’m browsing around Craigslist to find a slightly used better one. But I can’t complain with the one I have since it works!

Centrifugal juicers: fast spinning graters to shred veggies and fruit, creating the juice.

Masticating juicers: use one slowly turning screw-shaped gear to chew up veggies and push them through a stainless-steel screen.

Twin gear juicers: The Cadillac of juicers. Work at super low speeds to slowly squish out the liquids, until almost all liquid is removed from the pulp.

There are some great juicers out there but it really depends on your preferences and likes. The best juicer will be the one you will use. Juicers are for juicing, not collecting dust. Pull it out from the depths of the cabinet and give it a little juicing love. 🙂


No idea how I made this since it was a long time ago but it’s The Raw, Vegan Tropical Pulp Cupcake with Cherry Frosting (made with lime, lemon, carrots and tops, parsley, celery pulp with oats and dates for the base).

Nicole D. asked for suggestions on what to do with all of the leftover pulp.

I always do two things when juicing:

1. Run the pulp through the juicer again (2 times total) – you get a good amount of juice the second time! Especially when using Centrifugal juicers, a lot of the pulp still contains the plant’s essence. Scooping out the pulp and pushing it through the Magic Green Potion Maker is pretty messy in itself, but the end result is worth it.

2. Freeze or refrigerate the pulp for later. Pulp can be boiled with (and when making) soups, breads (Paleo or not), rice, whatever. The pulp, although now void of most of its liquids, can still add nutrients to whatever you put it in. I haven’t made Paleo bread with the pulp yet but I have made some really good leftover pulp bread.

In the past I made a few pulp creations, including said pulp bread, above.

Pulp can be used in various ways and there are other blogs out there that have some pretty awesome juice pulp recipes. Get creative with your pulp and start exploring possibilities.

If you’re a waste-not’er like me, try creating a compost pile. Throwing your pulp into a compost pile will create some rockin’ dirt for your organically delicious garden you’re working on, right? What better way to celebrate the upcoming Earth Day then with giving back to the Earth with compost? (hehe)


Brenda A. gave a great juice recipe that she uses often.

Yesterday I enjoyed: 2 gala apples, 1 bartlett pear, 2 stalks celery, 8 leaves swiss chard, few bunchfuls of baby collard greens, 5 carrots. It was a bit sweet, but I had to make it yummy! :) Also, mixing beets with oranges, helps take the earthy bite out of the beet.

Wow, that just sounds amazing! I may have to try this one tomorrow.

One groovy chick that I just love is Spa Bettie. This lady has mad skills with a juicer. Seriously.

Way back when (in 2010) I was super into raw foods and juicing and wrote up a few posts and recipes. You can read about my liquid adventures and get some recipes, too.

Go Green Juice!

So that’s juice. What’s your juice? What would or do you already do with your juicing pulp? Got any ideas?

Have a juicer? What kind do you have or do you love?

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  1. You know, this isn’t fair. I thought about the “Got Kale?” (Green Mustache) thing and then I see it everywhere on the internet…


    I guess I didn’t have a totally original idea there.

  2. Thank you for answering the pulp question! I’m going to try experimenting with putting it in different recipes. I just can’t stand to waste anything!

  3. yum i love those beautiful green colored juices…they just scream healthy! i got a breville juicer this past summer and will have to bust it out again. especially now that its warming up!! i made some muffins with apple and carrot pulp and they were ok..kinda dry though so maybe i need to add like, apple sauce or something? thanks for the recipes!

  4. Awesome post…so creative..I don’t have a juicer but I love making my own version of green juices..YUM!!! The millet bread looks great!

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