10 Things I Couldn’t Live Without

Friday, Friday, Friday! Who’s excited with me?!

Oooh and it’s Friday the 13th! You know what that means… it’s lucky!

Lucky Friday’s prompt for Day 13 of HAWMC is to write about 10 things you couldn’t live without, whether it be what you need or love most. This is a hard one. 10 things I couldn’t live without?? How do I write about things I need or love without sounding… materialistic? Selfish? I don’t know. But here we go…

10. Blendtec Blender. Green smoothies. Dips. Dressings. Blender love. If you know me, you know my blender is the best purchase I have ever made.

9. The internet. What would I do without my blog, without conversing with you, without Pinterest???

8. “Bum” clothes (i.e. yoga/lounge clothes). The second I get home from work (or pretty much anywhere) I’m running to change into comfy clothes. I love being a bum. On weekends I’ll stay in workout-wear all day… just in case I feel like working out later on, after my morning exercise session. 😉

7. Chapstick. How can you not live without soft lips? I can’t. At any given time I have a chapstick tube stashed all over my house and car. Right now there is 1 in my car, 2 by my bed, 1 at my desk at work, 1 (or 2) in my purse, 1 beside my bed at my parent’s house (yeah…), and… I think that covers all areas. Again, soft lips are sexy, folks.

6. The sun. I’m pretty sure that’s enough said, but I L O V E the sun. It makes me happy.

5. Exercise. Duh.

4. Friends/Family. Without them, my world would just be a little duller. I love you guys! And that totally includes all of you reading this!

3. Happiness. 🙂

2. My health. I’m not sure what I would do without my health and I honestly don’t want to ever find out. Fresh greens, clear lungs, a nice, strong beating heart do a body good and my health is absolutely, 100%, non-negotiable important to me.

1. Breath. The single most needed thing for all living things is breath, breathing. Without it we would cease to exist. Everything comes back to breath. In yoga, we learn numerous ways to breathe and take in oxygen, sometimes to relax, sometimes to heat our bodies, sometimes to energize. Coming back to your breathe will always benefit you. If you are stressed, take 2 minutes to sit calmly and breath.


What are 10 Things You Couldn’t Live Without? Share/comment away!