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What is the best conversation you had this past week? Can you picture it? Where were you standing? Where were you standing? How was the face of the person you were talking with, if in person; the tone, if on the phone? What did it look like outside? Sunny, cloudy, windy?

That first question is Day 8 of the HAWMC writing prompt of the day.

Thinking back through the week, quite a few conversations came to me but only one specific conversation, or event, stuck out in my mind.

Yesterday, a great friend of mine, and fellow personal trainer, Kris, set up a CrossFit-style workout for myself and a few of his friends. To keep things simple, Kris gave myself and 4 other women an ass-kicking great time. For the first hour (yeah- it was long!), we worked on tire flips, tire drags, rope climbing, battle rope work, push ups, and other crazy things that he could throw at us. He even wrote up the whole workout and printed it! (See why he’s a great friend of mine?! Did you check out the few lines at the top! Dedicated to 🙂 )

I’ve never seen anyone climb a rope faster. Taylor is awesome. 

After this part of the workout, Kris took us back into the gym’s new Mixed Martial Arts studio and we had the change to live out (another) 1.5 hours of MMA training. My abs have never been so happy. But more on the workout tomorrow.

The conversation(s) that I had were the best parts of the day, though. I got to meet two incredible women, whom I have talked to on a few different occasions, but never in person. Facebook and phone conversations are great, but when you meet inspirational people in person, it’s a whole other game.

One of the best conversations, and situations, I had this week went something like this:

I show up to the gym, a little late, as I see Kris with four other women I don’t know. As they warm up, I throw my jacket, water bottle, and beloved camera, onto the counter and make my way to the crowd. Feeling just a bit nervous, Kris introduces me and right away I feel at home. Taylor, one of the most adorable women, and fellow Facebook Fan, is there with smiles. She and I have been talking on Facebook about life, good days, bad days, and everything in between food, fitness, and problem eating patterns.

And then there is Robin, whom Kris has talked about quite a bit, and has been trying to get her to do a few guest posts for WRL on yoga. Robin is super cut, also all-smiles, and is ready for anything Kris can throw at her.

Needless to say, I instantly found two great friends. And friends we were quickly as we got right into those heavy tire flips and tosses.

At the end of our workout, Taylor tells us she felt a little nervous coming into the class, and so did Robin. “What if I looked weak?”, “What if I couldn’t do what everyone else could?”, “What if they were all so much better than me?”

I’m constantly reminded that we ALL have fear. And we are all human. Just as I was nervous about being around new people, and possibly not living up to being a fitness professional, what would these women think of me? What if I couldn’t climb to the top of that rope? What if I couldn’t do what she was doing? What if…

What if it didn’t matter? Does it even matter? The only person judging you, is YOU. 🙂 (stop that!)

We all have the same fears in life and that is what keeps us all connected, and maybe all humbled. There may be people that tell you you’re not good enough, not strong enough, can’t succeed, won’t do well… and maybe that someone is you.

Just because someone thinks something, does not mean that it is true, warranted, or that YOU have to believe it- even if it is you telling yourself the very thing almost stopping you.

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  1. This posts really hit the spot for me. This idea of being true to yourself and being real to others is so key in getting connected and as a result we get to grow as individuals. The first major step is getting past that fear or insecurity like you stated. I do it by accepting that I’m not strong enough or good enough: It’s not a self esteem issue; just a humility that allows me to truly value the place, time and people I’m with.

  2. I’m so happy for you that you got to meet some kindred spirits! There’s something so cool about meeting in person someone you’ve been friends with from afar.

    I love how you brought in atmosphere and posture in your whole introduction to the conversation idea.

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