Ekphrasis Post & A “Satisfaction” Workout

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Happy Springtime!

I have never been to an art gallery, per say. You know, one of those large rooms where there are oddly shaped sculptures placed precariously around the room, there are “interesting” paintings hanging along the walls, and everyone is rubbing their chins and chatting about how that purple blog looks just like a baby elephant swimming in a pond.

Nope, never been to one of those.

Or are those type of things just in the movies?

Either way, I can’t say that I am an expert at art but I can say what I like and not-like-so-much. I know I like colorful, vibrant, happy pieces. I like odd things and shapes and I’ll gladly drink red wine while I turn my head and frown and discuss the current painting in front of me. 😉

So, when Day 5 of the Health Activit Writer’s Month Challenge was write a Ekphrasis post – to explore Flikr then write a post inspired by that image, I was a little stumped. Normally writing comes very easy to me, it pretty much just flows when I touch the keyboard, but this prompt was hard!

(Mind you, I had no idea what Ekphrasis was. I had to Google it. And now it’s kind of my new favorite word. It’s just pretty 🙂 )

How can I write about an image of a bird or a woman on a beach or a car (which were all the photos that KEPT popping up for me when I hit refresh)- and how can I link it to a health focus? No idea.

Then it came to me(!). I would *ssssshhhhhhh* cheat.

Yeah, yeah, I know, cheating is bad and sinning and blah, blah, blah… but none of the pictures on the Flikr Explore page did it for me. So I explored on my own.

I came up with this:

I honestly spend hours (yes, hours) searching the site and finding amazing photographs. However, I found out that about 99% of the incredible photography on there is copyrighted by the photographer. So no using. 🙁

Anyway, back to the flowers I found.

To me, this picture is a perfect symbol of life. You see, this photo can be viewed in many different ways and angles. Whereas the photo may be just flipped upside down, the flowers are perfectly right-side up.

With life, we can look at in different angles and directions. Sometimes we choose to see things upside down, or maybe negatively. Sometimes we view situations, people, things right-side up, positively. But the thing with the picture and with life is it doesn’t matter which way your neighbor views it. It doesn’t matter how your family or teacher or boss or coworker views life (or this photograph). It only matters how YOU view it.

No matter what, you view the world through how you feel- along with all life’s situations, ideas, conversations, beauty, and yourself. Kinda like that glass half full/half empty thing.

But YOU get to decide HOW you view things.

Lately, I’ve been viewing the world through rose-colored glasses, if you will. Seeing things as happy and positive, along with how beautiful everything really is. And since I’ve been doing that, my world has changed; literally molded to how I see it- HAPPY and PERFECT. 🙂

I dare you to try it.

If all of this is just a bit “out there” for you, that’s ok. It’s my opinion.

And how does this pertain to health? Well, I view myself as healthy and take actions to ensure my body, mind, and energy match that. One thing that will always be beautiful to me, as sweaty and beautiful as it can, are workouts!

Satisfaction Workout

Do all 10 exercises once, twice, or three times through.

And push it!

Have a beautiful day. 🙂

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  1. Great post! I totally agree..you choose how you want to view things. I have been choosing how to narrate my story..looking at things in a different way…very similar! Beautiful workout shot..

    Have a lovely day!!

  2. love your outlook on life!!! I am trying to be more positive and happy each day as well 🙂
    some days it is easier then others but life is really beautiful when you stop and think about it.
    and love that sanctification workout, sounds great!!!


  3. Awesome! I kinda cheated too, only in that I hit “refresh” a bunch of times. I was going to stick with the first pic I got, but then my computer crashed and when I rebooted I got a yellow panzer tank and a scary looking doll, and just couldn’t.

    Shoutout to your banana bread in my post today too!

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