Free Day! And Healthy Thinking.

Vanilla Almond Cupcake/Muffins

(I swear these are about healthy thinking… sort of)

Today is a free day! Not only because it is Saturday (wooo hoo!) but because it’s a Pick-Your-Own-Topic for Day 7 of HAWMC (#HAWMC). Miss one of the first 1-6 posts? Check them out here: HAWMC on WRL

I decided that today’s health topic would be all about Healthy Thinking.

If I could be anywhere right now, it’d probably be back in Mexico!

Did you know, 50% of happiness is genetic?

10% of happiness is circumstantial

40% of happiness is from the activities that we choose

So, that means that you can’t do anything about 50% of your happiness. BUT(!) you can do something about the other 50%. And interestingly enough, study after study on happiness reports that after basic needs are met, money has no weight on how happy a person considers themselves to be. Whether you make $40,000 or $400,000, happiness can still be the same. And you would almost think that money did have something to do with happiness…

If you are able to change, alter, or have fun with your life circumstances and activities, you can create an abundance of happiness. Full life happiness. And believe it or not, you DO have the power to decide how you feel. You have the choice to react to a situation in a positive or negative way. And you have the power to choose love, happiness, forgiveness, and joy, over feelings of anger, resentment, sadness, and blame.

You do have a choice to live happy and it all comes down to Healthy Thinking, or Happiness Thinking.

What does all of this mean for your life? Thinking happy, positive thoughts bring healthy thinking and ultimately, a happy life. I have read this, time and time again, and when I actually started to put these “happy thoughts” into place, things actually started to change. My outlook on life in general has changed. Over the past few weeks, I have seen opportunity after opportunity throw itself at me. I have literally had LESS traffic- which is huge for me… I kinda dislike traffic of any kind. I have been having better interaction with all relationships in my life. I have decided to love myself for me (after years, YEARS, of hating myself). It feels good. I feel good.

I know this is somewhat over some people’s heads, and that’s ok. Some will get it and some will not. But I challenge you to Healthy Thinking today! Try one of the following for 2 weeks and see if you feel different or some fun opportunities just seem to pop up.

  • Create a gratitude journal. Write every morning or every night a few things that you are grateful for, affirmations, or even just whatever comes to mind.
  • Start your affirmations. EVERYTHING you say is an affirmation. “I’m ugly.” “I’m fat.” “This sucks.” “I hate my boss.” “Today is going to be a horrible day.” are ALL affirmations. Each time you put that into the Universe, you send out the vibes and energy to attract that type of life. Start your day with something different: “Today is going to be a great day.” “Only good lies before me.” “I love myself and everyone I come in contact with.” “I’m beautiful.” (Before you know it, you’ll believe and know that it’s true… because it is.)
  • Create a gratitude board or affirmation board. Post affirmations at work, in the bathroom, in your car, kitchen, everywhere! Create a board of things to pick you up and lift your spirits. Couldn’t hurt. 😉
  • Get active in your community. When you engage in community, interacting with positive people, doing positive things, makes you happy. Positivity breeds positivity.
  • Doing something to promote personal growth. Keep learning, keep up activities that make you happy, and keep your mind sharp. Learn a new language (I’m learning German by CD! Love it!), check out a conference on personal growth, read a book, and maybe even create a personal growth plan monthly.

One a different note, Earth day is coming up and around(ish) my neck of California, there are quite a few things going on that weekend. I had to share because, well, I think they’re pretty damn cool.

Double Chocolate Vegan Cupcakes

First up, my bestest Vegan Society friends over in Sacramento have created the first annual Vegan Cupcake Wars for Charity. I’m not going to lie, Cupcake Wars is one of my favorite shows. I have a teenie bit of an obsession with cupcakes. They’re just so pretty!

Banana Bread Beer Cupcakes with Banana Bread Beer Glaze

Wait! I just realized that I should totally be one of the participants making 100 cupcakes for the judges and Earth Day event goers to try. I actually have a lot of vegan cupcakes… weird…

But then I’d have to make 100 cupcakes… and that just doesn’t really fly with me. I’d rather try all hundred. 🙂

Unfrosted Fluffy Vegan Vanilla Cupakes

Anyway, I loved the idea and I’ll be helping with the event (taking pictures and… eating…) so I had to share the love! And happiness…?

What makes you happy?

What Healthy Thinking do you do for youself?

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday! What are your plans?? I’m working on a Healthy-Eating Sunday Brunch menu– get ready!

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