HAWMC: Writing About Health? Why? …And Thai Peanut Slaw & Best-Ever Baked Tofu

I write about health.

I write about food.

I write about exercise.

I write about motivating others, motivating myself, and inspiring!

But why…?

One of the first things that popped into my head when looking at the prompt, I write about health because…?, was the word passion.

I write about health because I have a true passion for health and wellness. This passion is so strong that it radiates out to whomever I talk to. I want to be the healthiest, most vibrant being I can possibly be and I want, so desperately, to carry other people along for the same ride. I want you, your neighbor, your brother, sister, mother, father, co-worker, acupuncturist, mechanic, and grocery store clerk to be healthy. I want everyone around me to be healthy and feel like they can do anything.

Because I do. I feel good. I feel healthy. I feel like I can do anything.

Because I can.

A lot of times feelings or actions can be contagious, like yawning, or laughing. Even smiling. And I believe that wellness can be contagious, too. If we allow it. And with all of the motivation out there with blogs and websites, magazines and TV shows, you’d think that everyone would be healthy.

Alas, that is not the case, is it…?

I believe that health starts with a positive state of mind. It starts with thinking, acting, and believing that you are perfect the way you are right now. There are no mistakes in life. And if you aren’t perfect in this moment, right now, then when? There is no other time then right now and believing and acting like you want to live is the key to happiness and health.

This goes into a whole different topic and post but just know, that my answer to Why I write about health, is because I have a passion for it. A passion for health is What Runs Lori.

Oh wait! Not only do I write about health… I make, eat, and photograph health, too. And…

I HAD to share.



The end.

I love you! Have a wonderful day. Make it how you want it.


Why do you write about health (or whatever make you happy)?

Who are you writing for?

Oddly, I asked this question last year. Pretty interesting question, if you ask me. See the post here.



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