Mango-Taken Kale Salad and The Things We Forget

Are you a list maker?

I know some people that are avid list-makers, listing out their day, week, month, lives, via lists. I think it’s an amazing way to stay organized, or to even just get things done in a timely fashion (without forgetting something!).

I’m totally a list maker. I can make lists all day long. I constantly write a note to myself on a piece of scratch paper floating around in my purse, jot down some blog recipe ideas on my iPhone Notepad (I have about 8 “note pages filled on my phone right now), and I email myself those “To-Do” items I keep forgetting to do. (The lists just never end…)

The only problem…

I have too many lists!

I never actually get around physically tallying off half of them. At least not before I forget about my list or I lose my list.

It’s a crazy twisted world in my head, folks.

So, I make lists to be organized, yet I have no organization for my lists… BUT(!) I manage to get each and every thing done when it comes right down to it. Really. I have so many wild things roaming around in this jungle above my shoulders that I’m probably doing 12 things at a time (at least subconsciously) and somehow everything always gets done.

So I take notes, never look at them again, and still the lists get accomplished.

I guess it’s just putting the tasks on paper, and out of my head, that puts them in motion. The act of list-making helps remind you of what needs to be done, or what you want not to forget…

And all of this rambling leads me off-topically to Day 22 of the HAWMC! The Things We Forget. Visit Things We Forget and make your own version of a short memo reminder. Where would you post it?

I went, I liked, I’m posting.

With most of my list-making, I sometimes forget to remind myself of the little things- the uplifting notes. Sure, I have my little Journal-o-Gratitude I write in nightly and I have my affirmations I say in the morning, but I haven’t made “Love Notes” or “Positive Lists” to help me remember… The things I forget…

What list would you make for yourself to not forget?


I almost forgot! I have a recipe to share with you!

In honor of Earth Day, I’m sharing one of my favorite GREEN recipes, filled with all things from the Earth. 😉

This recipe is simple yet elegant, healthy yet rich in flavor. It’s also incredibly healthy and packs a mean punch of minerals, fiber, and unlikely ingredients. Best part- it’s completely fat free! (not that any of us are worried about consuming healthy fats, right…?)

Rich and creamy dressing meets crisp and tender kale. An Earth Day match made in Heaven… or… Earth?

Dig in!

Have you ever thought about the things you’ve forgotten? 😉

Are you a list-maker?

What GREENS are you eating on Earth Day?

4 thoughts on “Mango-Taken Kale Salad and The Things We Forget”

  • “this jungle above my shoulders”–Love it! You have some poetry up there too!

    Yes, I try to make a list every night before bed for the next day. Last November, I read a suggestion somewhere to limit the list to six things. For a short while, that worked really well for me–I’d feel more satisfied at the end of the day than if I’d done the same amount but not made the list. Gradually, though, those “six” items started to really be three or four things _per item_, so it started to get a bit unwieldy and unfeasible again. I’m trying for six now!

    I have a few things I must do before I get my post up, but lots of sticky note ideas buzzing around in the jungle-bubble over here!
    Aren’t those champagne mangoes gorgeous right now?! They’re even making it up to AK in good shape, and sometimes not too exorbitantly priced!

    • I got a big case of those tasty little mangoes from our Indian Market- ooooh what a great price! I bet they are outrageous in Alaska though..

      I should stick to six, like you. Right now I have about 400 floating all around my house, car, purse…

      • No, keep them floating around everywhere! I love that image!
        At Cost-Co in Anchorage, a six-pack was about $9, which was unusually affordable for mangos, especially considering they were good!

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