My Dream Day & Galaxy MMA Workout

Picture it, a woman’s perfect day. No stress. No “work” to do. Only pure enjoyment.

Partnered with loud shouting, maybe some cuts and bruises, aching muscles, and sweat…(?!?!)

My dream day would be pretty much the day (or whole weekend) I had last Saturday. Exercising.

I sort of already mentioned the 2.5 hours in the gym with my post of Best Conversations, but I never really let you all know how great it was. As the HAWMC Day 14 continues with the prompt, “My Dream Day,” I’m sharing mine!

Kris, my friend and fellow personal trainer, set up a CrossFit-style workout for myself and a few of his friends. He’s working with West Coast Muscle and Galaxy Boxing & MMA gyms to help promote it all and get the city active. So, needless to say, an introductory CrossFity-style class was needed. Kris gave myself and 4 other women an ass-kicking workout. For the first hour Kris set up a whole routine that he put us through. Kris was even kind enough to type it up and make it available for YOU!


His routine included tire flips, tire drags, rope climbing, battle rope work, squats, deadlifts, tire throws, box (or tire) jumps, push ups, and tons of other crazy things that he came up with.

Oh, but that was just the “warm up.”

The next hour and a half we did a MMA, kickboxing workout. Complete with insane, limit-pushing moves.


Take breaks as you need. This is an insane amount of ab and leg work so take it at your own pace.

  • 40 crunches (left foot over right, hands behind head)
  • 40 crunches (right foot over left)
  • 40 crunches (feet together)
  • 40 crunches, SLOW
  • 40 bicycle crunches
  • 40 toe touches
  • 40 flutter kicks (and/or leg raises, if you’re feeling good)
  • 45 seconds plank pose
  • 10 ab roller moves (with an ab roller, may sub with more crunches ๐Ÿ˜‰ )
  • 45 seconds plank pose
  • 45 seconds side plank (left)
  • 45 seconds side plank (right)


Set your timer for 5 minutes and find a wall:

  • 5 MINUTES: Wall Squat (aka wall sit)
    • come up and out of the squat as you need, quickly, but go back down into the squat
    • keep your back, flat against the wall
    • keep knees at 90 degree angle as much as possible
    • hands anywhere but resting on your thighs
    • for extra work- grab a 10 pound medicine ball- every 30 seconds put it above your head and hold, out in front and hold, out in front and turning it (like steering a car wheel)
  • 5 MINUTES: Wall Squat
  • 5 MINUTES: Wall Squat

YES! We did it 3 times! And so can you. It’s HARD but try it anyway! Try one round and work up to two. Trust me, the third round really is the easiest.


That's me on the right!


  • 5 MINUTES Jump Rope
  • 1 MINUTE Plank Pose
  • 1 MINUTE Side Plank (left)
  • 1 MINUTE Side Plank (right)
  • 5 MINUTES Jump Rope


Insane, right?!?!


To expand on my dream day a bit more, it would be spent with wonderful, inspiring people. I would be exercising in some fashion- whether it be in the gym being pushed beyond what I thought was possible (15 minutes of wall sits!!), lifting weights, doing mountain climbers, or just being outside in the wonderful sun walking or taking a hike. I love moving. Absolutely love it. Maybe that’s why I stand at my desk at work instead of sitting down to work on the computer (is that way my co-workers think I’m weird…? Or is it because I carry around green sludge- i.e. smoothies?).

My dream day would include a huge salad from Whole Foods salad bar (oh how I LOVE those!), a tasty raw dessert, and maybe a glass or two of rich and bold red wine. I’d be surrounded with good food, great people, and love. Everyone would be happy. I would be happy.

As simple as that day sounds, it’s literally my perfect day. It’s actually my dream day that I do get to live out from time to time.

So I guess dreams really do come true

What is YOUR Dream Day?


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