Ode To Pinterest

Oh Pinterest, you got my attention.

Really, you had me at Hello.

And with your witty sense of style, your keen ways of luring me in with food, and your wonderful ways with exercise, how could I even say no?

The countless hours unwasted by constantly pinning and repinning… Liking and drooling.  Pictures, pictures, and more pictures.

Pinterest, I love you.

I’ll admit it…

I’m addicted to Pinterest.

Isn’t it just fitting that Day 16 of the Health Activist Writers Month Challenge prompt is to create a Pin Board of my health focus on Pinterest.

Fitting because oh-me-oh-my, I have a health and fitness board already (and we all know I just couldn’t live without Pinterest).

And wouldn’t you know, you get to share some of the fun pictures with me, today.


We have a What Runs Lori’s Exercise and Fitness Board

 We have a Delicious Food Board… which has been circulating like crazy with this recipe:

 Of course, we can’t leave out a Dessert Board!

So, do I have a health theme for my Pinterest page? Not really, but I can tell you, you’ll only find great stuff. There’s motivation, inspiration, delicious food, great recipe, drool-worthy desserts, and cool style-type pics.

What’s your Pinterest page??? Link below!